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  • I used to Brooke a drop shot winner shop.

  • It's a grocery store because I broke my control over these dudes made fun of me.

  • Said I was bad because I had a terrible He went outside his door.

  • Okay, The only thing I wanted to display the lights on the Xbox a green, but I can't never get through the screen saver and the dash towards my wife sold like What's a movie with me?

  • I want a stupid movie, brother brother Play with three But the jig is up Shit in the street.

  • I'm going out of my mind With my video games, I gotta make a change.

  • It's incredible, but Wal Mart is open 24 hours a day off in the next three.

  • Put the pedal to the floor will get a new controller.

  • I won't decide anymore.

  • When I get there, they're all sold out.

  • I felt my knees.

  • What am I gonna do now?

  • I'ma Game over.

  • It might sound a little crazy with that way.

  • I'm going crazy inside my shirt.

  • So from all the tea is our God Games on was out.

  • So was Radio Jack.

  • All I really wanted my controller back.

  • How can I live my life without gaming?

  • It's like I'm an artist and I have no brush for painting.

  • Like I'm a race car driver with no car for racing, there is no replacement.

  • Feeling the press under just way to go, Mickey D's Chicken nuggets rise in a coop.

  • Put the same happy meal.

  • This is my Last Supper.

  • It's been one whole day since I lost my lover.

  • I get that, but go another day, even so empty inside, consumed by defeating.

  • Then I see it in the hands of some kid rainbow buttons and a joystick.

  • It's an X box controller, what in the world Runner Caster and runs away.

  • Hello, friends.

  • I hope you enjoyed the song.

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I used to Brooke a drop shot winner shop.

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