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  • Bloomfield, Michigan.

  • 1942 As World War two rages across several continents, claimed architect and eventual designer of the ST Louis Arch Aargh.

  • Sarah, it's secretly enlisted by the United States military to work for a new clandestine organization.

  • Its name, the O.

  • S s Office of Strategic Services.

  • Or, as it is known today, the CIA.

  • The fact that a row Cernan was in the O.

  • S s designing weapons systems during World War Two and at a time when the O.

  • S.

  • S was looking into ways to weaponize weather makes his whole connection to the design of the ST Louis Arch extremely interesting.

  • Now, that isn't to say.

  • I believe it can control the weather, but it does open the door to the idea that it might have been one of things Cernan was out to achieve.

  • While at the O.

  • S S.

  • Saarinen designed buildings and weapons systems, many of which were never completed.

  • Her build Is it possible he leader used the secret plans to engineer the ST Louis arch, creating something that can actually control or perhaps harness the weather?

  • Controlling the weather is the ultimate super weapon.

  • It's even more powerful than the atomic bomb.

  • So if a row sarin was involved in analyzing studying the possibility of weather modification, and you put all those factors together.

  • But I think you have a guy that basically conducted a big, giant weather modification experiment with the ST Louis Arch with her as a weapon.

  • There are some who think the idea is not as preposterous as it seems, especially when considering that even today, many world governments are pouring millions of dollars into research designed to manipulate weather.

  • Think weather modification has definitely been an ongoing endeavor of governments all over the world for decades.

  • ST.

  • Louis Arch appears to be an experiment in weather modification.

  • Heart device appears to be an experiment in weather modification.

  • Who knows what the Russians or the Chinese were doing?

  • There's some sort of technology out there.

  • There's been lots of work in the field of weather control, using silver iodide inside of thunderstorms to decrease the size of hail that goes on in many parts of the world.

  • To alleviate that problem, there are always firing rockets into the atmosphere in China to manipulate the weather.

  • But is this a good idea?

  • You wonder if you could stare a tornado.

  • What would it take?

  • Even a nuclear weapon might just nudge it.

  • If even that one challenge with that is your shock wave is gonna be hard to focus.

  • Perhaps, And it might cause the damage you are hoping to avoid with tornado.

  • I would be looking at How much can I control her change?

  • Local pressures in the atmosphere near and around the tornado, these air forces at work that could wipe out major cities.

  • And we're finding out every day new things that we've never seen.

  • So maybe the lesson learned here is who shouldn't meddle with forces that we don't really understand because we may not like the result weather.

  • At its best, it can cleanse and redo, but at its most extreme, it can destroy everything in its path.

  • No matter how much time and money we spend trying to control.

Bloomfield, Michigan.

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