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so dream.
Hackett's coming to Anaheim in for a couple weeks, and one of the cool thing about Dream Hack is you got a lot of custom computers and stuff.
People ring, and it's the first time that I'm aware of that.
They've come to the West Coast in a long time, if not ever.
I don't remember if Dream Hack was a part of that whole in video mod 24 things, but regardless, I'm going because I can't have a LAN party so close to my backyard and not go.
But I also can't go with a stock looking computer, so we gotta fix that today.
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Also to It's really, really, really windy today, and our door wants to Our insulation that I taped up wants to blow off.
So I've got, like, ladders and things, all trying to hold that up from falling down and tires and shelving because I have been too lazy to actually come up with a permanent solution for that door, and it's making a lot of noise.
So if you hear, I'm sorry.
Also, the the heater is on because it's 48 degrees right now and in so Cal attempt that might as well be Antarctica.
But anyway, Dream Hack is coming to so Cal and I'm not gonna miss it.
And I'm also not gonna show up with a stock computer because I'm Jay's to freaking sense and I can't do that, and I could show up with Nebula.
But that's kind of a move, so small foreign factor is where it's at.
So that's why I figured the perfect platform to do this is our corsair one because It's a small compact system.
It's already got a 99 100 K in there.
It's got all SSD and envy and me.
It's got its water cooled.
It's got a 28 e t I.
That's also water cooled.
And I thought this would be the perfect platform to mod.
So the destiny to build that we did in the No.
202 for Mark I would be using the same techniques, and this will be a fairly similar type of build.
In fact, I liked the way his turned out so much.
I said I wanted my own.
So some of my own version of sort of the same weathering techniques, the paint chipping, the undercoat ng the ceiling, even the damage, these air very robust panels.
And they're aluminum, but they're very tough.
So I'm gonna be doing like a like a blaster impact, like a laser impact on this.
Probably the cool thing about this is when you're weathering and distressing, there's no wrong way.
And if you screw something up, that kind of only adds to the theme, I guess, But we're gonna be making this look very Star wars inspired, if you will But if you want no more about the techniques I'm doing on the painting side of things, then you're gonna want to go and check out the destiny to build.
And I will try my best.
Remember to put a Lincoln description below, but it's a very simple technique that works really, really well when you do it properly.
I've also already disassembled this thing fully.
That'd be cool if I had made it so that when it turns on Z in terms of the paints and stuff, I just use basic stuff.
I love the HT.
You can get it at AutoZone or anywhere Auto paint is sold because it dries extremely fast.
We're using the primary cause I don't want you metallics.
The problem is getting any sort of like a top coat like a main by color coat for any of these brands are all like Metallica and I don't want a metallic I want, like a flat battleship gray, so we'll be using primer for that.
But we also we're gonna be having undercoat because of the chipping technique that is gonna be sort of just a silvery color.
I got more disassembly.
I got to do.
So I gotta take, like, these chrome pieces off right here.
They just screw in there and I'll be using my art director.
Some people were really disappointed that they didn't see another.
I fix ad after our last one, like once a month.
Guys, quite honestly, if you guys want to know more about, like, the price of these kits and what's available there isn't linked to this down the description below, and that links directly to my Amazon affiliates.
So it also does give a little kickback to the channel.
If you guys decide to purchase anything and it doesn't cost you any extra, so get something for your money rather than just meat.
I love this assembling thing because I don't label anything.
I just sort of hope it all goes back together.
What I'm doing and then these are probably the most overbuilt panels, Period.
This is the base, and this is the part that the fan goes in.
Listen to this.
That's like satisfying, uh, so I want to do I guess I'd like a blaster impact the idea with the destiny builders.
They got hit with that sword.
That was an easy gash to make.
But laser blasts are different.
They're almost a perfect circle, and then there's kind of a smooth burning in as it goes.
So this is one of those things where I kind of only got one shot at this.
Another reason why I don't want the gash to be too big or whatever is because this particular chassis is designed to only draw air through these vents.
If I give it a big open place for it to cool air through, that's air that won't come through here.
And that's how these radiators have cooling is there's no fans on the radiators because there's single fan on the top pulling air through the chassis.
So it's that conviction assisted cooling.
So if I make a big Blaster hole that is now an efficient way for it to bring Aaron, that's gonna suck.
Wish me luck.
See, the trick is just don't think about it.
The crazy part is I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna turn it.
Think back you think is the worst vacuum I've ever owned.
You hearing protection, we're going there, and you're gonna get you your racing.
Hey, What we learned is don't try to go to dangle until the holes in it.
I was a kid.
I used to think like Leasers musical faster.
So that's probably where I'm going to stop on the damage effects because I really don't want to overdo it.
And I think you know the painting well, really sell the effect.
But you think, Phil, I mean, what's that painted?
And you see the black scorching and stuff Now I had to prep for pain.
We have the door open the fan, So it's noisy anyway.
So this is the base coat we're going with here, which is just like a a silver, because we were kind of looking at some pictures online.
And it seems like whenever there was weathering on these ships, anything in Star Wars that always seem to have, like a white slash really light silver undercoat, like whatever the metal and stuff waas, we are going to be now just doing ah code or two of this silver.
But because it's not that much different than the primer, I'm just gonna do like probably one really light coat and then because it'll stick to the primer really good, and then I'll show you how we're going to the chipping.
Like I said, we did that in Destiny two bills.
I won't go super in depth, but I'll show you how we do the weathering effect, which is pretty cool.
And then we'll do some airbrushing and stuff on.
That's my favorite part.
E worked out pretty well.
So that's two coats of primer just one coat of these silver metallic.
And this this is our structure.
What I mean by that is this is our base coat.
What's gonna be underneath our actual color coat?
And this is what's gonna kind of show through when we do.
The weathering we're gonna do is we're gonna take hair spray.
Doesn't really matter what kind, and we're just going to sort of apply it like some of the corners, different areas.
And what's gonna happen is we're going to spray the next color, which is this darker, more of a cast to O kind of a look and wait.
That's too o que es que tu es Oh, yes, I said, right.
And then we will be chipping away some of this color in weathered areas to make this show or this show through that the other thing you kind of need to stress I need to stress with Hairspray is you need to let it drive like fully, because if it's wet me spray over, it's just just turned gummy.
And then you don't get the same effect that going for here.
So this is the top vent where the Fanis and obviously I don't want to paint this to match.
I want this to be contrast in, like, dark filling out.
We can talk about this.
He's like, What would be neat, though, if you could weather that, So I'm just like, well, you know, why not do it for real?
We want to make the metal underneath sort of show through, but we kind of focus on the corners, get to show through like that.
Okay, so the hair spray is completely dried.
Now, there's a loud truck out there.
Sorry about that.
So now we're gonna put on our top coat.
So before I start doing anything with the hair spray, I'm just going to start getting our blaster marks back now.
I sprayed the blaster areas directly with the hair spray.
So that's why we're getting this nice immediate like chipping, peeling effects.
But what's gonna really sell this just like I did with the destiny bilk is I'm gonna be putting like, black airbrushing on this to make it look scorched.
I'm kind of lifting as I go that way has kind of like a taper sort of ineffective.
What you need to do the chipping water.
I use a toothbrush.
I used to something pokey to get it started.
We'll start with the power button here, something like that, so that I give a place for the water to sort of start to get in there.
Man way go.
I really don't want to overdo it.
If this is an imperial thing, it probably won't have the same level of weathering is like a resistance because resistance had, like, old hand me down stuff.
It's all like, banded together.
I'm just focusing on like, corners and stuff.
We're just going to kind of more subtly give ourselves some weathering.
There's like a before and an after kind of a deal.
These will be black, and obviously this is when the airbrush final work, isn't it?
There's no right or wrong way.
Okay, so what I need to do now is I need to clear coat this.
Watch us.
See, that's just gonna continue to do that.
Because of all the hair spray.
I barely touched it and it shipped up until I seal it, and I'm gonna seal it now with the satin clear.
So we got these stickers made, so we're gonna put the imperial logo here.
We're gonna put this Burbage there, then this village is going to go, like, right there.
So what we're gonna do is we'll be transferred this on there, and they were probably airbrushing and building a little booth again real quick, but airbrushing this on there and then weathering it a little bit like we did with the Warlock logo on the destiny to build.
So I keep telling you guys, go watch that video.
If you don't know how I'm doing all this, You know, I keep showing you how I'm doing it.
Well, how much paint?
It's gonna take off too, when I take the backing Lira.
Oh, wow.
The coming ain't That's taking off with it.
It's okay.
Just extra weather.
Now the central square doesn't Oh, wow.
Yeah, Cassie, that's a complete fail.
Do that all the all the paint stuck right there That sucks.
This'll isn't much smoother surface.
The no to Attu was much more techs.
Cherie, we hear a lot of bite.
I barely touched it on there in the paint.
Came up with it.
Oh, yeah.
So it's almost 1 30 in the afternoon the next day, and as you guys saw, we had a major disaster where we realized the paint was not sticking to the aluminum.
And that's my fault.
Couple reasons.
I didn't prep it properly.
I didn't sand it enough when we did the destiny to build.
I keep referencing that cause it's very similar technique, but as you can see, we're having very different results.
This is anodized aluminum.
This is bare metal.
Even though aluminum has died, it's still bear medals on a coding or anything like that.
It's extremely smooth.
The destiny to build on the note to 02 was on black powder coated steel, so the powder coat was something that the paint was able to stick to very nicely, especially when I stand it.
So as you saw when we tried to do our decal are stencils that we could get to the final stages barely pushing it.
Walk that when I pushed down a lot, but we continued to mess with it.
And even if you barely touch anything tacky whatsoever to the paint, we killed it up.
It brought all the layers up all the way down to the primaries where you saw the black metal underneath.
So I told me I did not do a good job prepping it.
So we started over entirely by stripping everything off back to where the only thing that was done at that point was the holes I made to do it right.
We had to start over.
So what you see now is the results of a few things we've done today.
One completely stripped the metal back down, sanded it with 80 grit to start really scuffed up the metal.
Then I used a self etching primer, which I should have done the first time the cell fetching primer set on here.
It bit really hard into the metal.
It was actually green.
Primer did two layers of that and then saw that I was having a hard time even scratching it.
So then I ended up doing a silver metallic base coat.
And now we have.
On top of that, I had done a mat clear.
Just a single stage, Matt.
Now we have this sort of Ah, this is not a primer, but it is a a primer plus paint, so there's even more primer on this now.
It's just sort of like, uh, call it a It's like a matte gray.
There's something super basic like that.
And then we are where we are now where I've sanded this down.
I've alcohol wiped it got I've gotten all of the like fingerprints and stuff off of it.
And then we got to the stage now and this is hard, like, this is really hard on here now, so it's not pulling up.
So what we do is we got more stickers and we did a little test, like, Okay, can we put stickers on here and have it not pull up with paint?
Well, the answer is yes, already started pulling this logo back up because although this is not our final top coat, we have to still do are chipping.
What you'll see is it's not taking any paint, and even where else touch it with the tweezers.
Like barely marks.
We also got tired of trying to get vinyl companies or sticker companies to cut the stuff we wanted to tell us.
You can't do that.
You can't use vinyl is a sinful.
We just said screw you guys win by our own stencil, our own plotter in our own materials that we're doing it ourselves Now.
Stencil vinyl eso eso Phil went over to Michael's crafts.
And, um, which is funny because it's all like potpourri in there and like, flowers is you guys got vital.
Carter, we need to make sticker fire our computer.
So what I want to show you was we were able to actually do this now and not have a problem.
Yes, A.
So now we have to do once again the chipping in the hair spray and I want to point out something to the Hairspray was not the problem.
The layers between the hair spray actually stuck together.
So now we need to go ahead and do our chipping technique on here again.
I'm gonna change the way I did that a little bit.
I wasn't happy with the way that turned out, so I'm kind of glad this went the way it did.
And then while that's all drying, we're gonna play around with some of our central cutting and get that all sort organized how we want.
And then today we could finish this bill.
It was almost a one day build from J.
Our one day modest had said it really build a computer.
But let's go ahead and get back to where we left off yesterday.
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm way happier with the way this turned out versus the last one.
A little bit excessive tripping right there.
But that's fine.
I got a little crazy with Hairspray.
I think, um, I like the way this color turned out a little bit different shade of gray, Uh, one of the many of 50 shades.
So what I gotta do now before I take my airbrush and I get a little set up right here aside gonna transfer the logos to their various spots like somebody that works with graphics all day long.
Like for signs like Oh my God, you're taking for everything you've done already.
It's like anything else when you do it for a living and you develop all these tricks that save you time because time is money.
So now if we do a little test here, use any paint with it because I did it right this time.
So looking at this, obviously the letters are a way to clean.
But I do plan on lightly standing them just so whether it's slightly be a little bit faded.
So we know the logo's gonna look dope Circle.
Yeah, yeah, and a lot of these, like scratches that you're seeing.
They'll disappear when I cleared again.
So this is before any weathering are standing on the letters, and this is after.
So now it looks like it's gone through space and it doesn't.
You can't even feel like they airbrush paint sticks so well, you can't even feel the letters.
It's not gonna do it with the logo.
So this is just 1/2 folded in half piece of P 3 23 20 grit, which is like it's designed to go on a Velcro block.
But I folded over and half side of point to work with because that's a big logo.
Obviously, we would have had flat surface area like in these big areas where they would have taken impacts and stuff.
Clearly this ship or whatever.
This is a scene battle, which is what I wanted, obviously with these holes right here, which turned out phenomenal, and I'm not even know them yet.
We need toe weather up the surface areas, the flat surface areas of this logo.
So I'm just kind of putting some scratches in here.
May be surprised how well this airbrush paint is sticking now that I've gone in here and fixed this.
All right, well, I dirty this up because we imagine that this would be engine exhaust vents or heat vents or something.
I don't know.
I just want to break up the super smoothness of it.
It's probably a little more weather than an imperial ship would be, but I imagine this is right after the battle of indoor or something.
I don't know.
I mean, it's gotta be during that period, is that's the logo were using, but this it's the second to the last step.
I'm wiping off all the kind of ah dust that appears with airbrushing, and then we're gonna clear coat it, put it back together with all that said how about we just go ahead and jump light speed ahead?
So it looks like done?
It took twice the effort, but it was worth it.
If there's one lesson to be learned from this video, it's that sometimes as much as you don't want to, the only way that you're going to get it done right is to redo it.
If you make a big mistake like we did, why did with the prepping and ah, the way the sticker took the paint off?
I'm telling you right now this, like, is sturdy.
This paint is going nowhere.
I couldn't even stand off the logo if I wanted.
I'm telling you right now, it's like I can't even scratch it with my finger.
That's a little more dirty than we think.
An imperial ship would really look.
But I'm also thinking like this is kind of how it would look after surviving a battle, and I turned out way better.
I think that I thought it was going to the accent color like the black on the top in the bottom, the weathering the blaster marks.
You guys saw how he made that.
That turned out well, very, very accurate.
These blasters air do accurate to be sand people.
So this is now gonna be my like land party, Reagan.
And I'm tempted to just bring this home and leave nebula here because it looks so good.
No, I mean no nebulas.
I just I I haven't even started my home office remodel yet.
So there you go, guys.
If there's I mean, it's not hard.
And really, with the exception of the cost of getting the materials and the plotter to cut our own stencils from now on, it's that paying someone to do it There was very little cost involved in this.
It's maybe $30 materials for spray painting such And then, if you know someone that's got ah, plotter, then it's like the cost of a roll of vinyl for the or even the stencil vinyl, like we use is like eight bucks.
How much was that role like?
I was like, buy one, get one free or something with it.
So there you go.
Um, So this whole mod I would say if we didn't have to buy the plotter If it went right the first time this would have cost like 60 bucks to do because it's just pain.
I didn't do anything special with the build.
I didn't even touch the inside.
That's why it's actually up and running.
And I was able to do it in two days or would have been one day if I didn't screw it up the first time.
And as unhappy as I was and Phil will tell you, I was pretty pissed last night when the pain came up and we just stopped filming abruptly because I was just like, Man, I want to do this all again But I knew I told Phil, if I'm gonna do this right, I've got a strip it.
And so I took all the paint off all way back down to the metal and did it right.
I've properly sanding it properly, de greasing it and then using the self fetching primer.
So there you go, guys.
There is my dream hack build that I'm gonna be playing on when I go to Dream Hack Anaheim's.
If you guys are going, you want to see it in person, just kind of come up and take a look at it.
Maybe take a picture.
But if I'm gaming, um, talk to me about it later because I'm looking forward, actually playing some games and stuff, But there you go, guys.
Thanks for watching Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Maybe you learned some things because that's whole point of this channel, and you can see that feels like you should do a Star Trek one next.
But that's like we did destiny to.
And then it'd nebula, which is super clean.
So their star wars where wars actually happen, and then their Star Trek, where it's just galactic.
Yes, it's It's galactic negotiation, Sim, or whatever you wanna call it.
I mean, really, Let's go talk about it, you know?
But I would have to be a super clean.
Remember, it is a Marriott.
So is a flying Marriott ship.
It's a cruise ship, but it's all right.
I'm just gonna go some pissing people off, so I like both.
Okay, guys.
Tng all the way.
I like boats and both.
I like both boats.
So this is my 300 scale or 3 50 scale Bismarck that I did.
And then this was my Christmas present for my wife.
This is a Not Lego, but it's Kobe.
That's another Bismarck.
It's funny.
I'm not, like, obsessed with the Bismarck and anything.
It has a really interesting history.
I wanted to do the Yamato, but okay, bye, huh?
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This Custom Star Wars Case Mod turned out PHENOMENAL!

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 4, 2020
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