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And you know what they are tensorflow it zero to hero a toe once a pistol.
He's on that pistol Days on that Western learning gwa could talk to investigators.
Happy, awesome shooter.
There is also tucked you in and company a therapist So cool.
Hi, son.
Colder is having it.
So I took a computer.
Was young supporter Tony.
Study shows how you can get access Prostate Sudden Lindsay Wasemiller.
You want a pistol?
Days on end computer Get autumn winter there a pogo use a condom.
Pumbaa Burkhart A top of the rock Argus Media.
You know, they're all he couldn't hear a poem and somebody came up with my own Get off about a steak it.
So come on, There's somebody around without the car seat.
Now he's a Nissen buy ramen opens arguments.
Ellie was put to somebody out there talking about the program.
It was only to let somebody running with their time chasing Chiyo.
Come on.
You're a bona You too creamy Somebody running water or took care system now.
Is that cost around?
Samantha's mother of walk.
And, um, there is embarrassing Barry Bonds Rose Lindsey Yeah.
Number pay or get on with the media.
You don't get that amount.
I guess someone assembled the reporters.
Man somebody of war.
Since it is a custom to Canada, you'll get your bottle first on amnesty.
That's that's a year.
One day.
Oh etait assistant to attend Monday's hasn't there?
You're a categorical just one.
Neither sit Carcaterra chunky.
Is that the reason?
Oh, poor Miss Hale Tongue Gaius and Murders in the computer Lesson.
Bite off Getting an NCP on in there.
AM new Still hasn't there.
Carly's perfect there.
Sarah is perfect, sir.
Back under then they were talking to the media.
Could it was hanging there, and a total overthrow competitor is upto symbolizing media.
It's Haagen could give me a topographical yours only music counting on ripping mobile to put it in there.
Young somebody more Assistance.
Tom The Pond y n n Accept their Cherokee Monroe Cooper.
Maureen's crusted comped.
Everyone's kill in cold air.
Boudreau Carcass.
Mitya text online and call The young woman is on video.
Even Pablo Tensorflow a contempt I'm doing Honey and Dale.
It won them.
Programming a pair is having is so tired.
Guns have over here, dear.
Let talkers are garishly Sumita Top commentator Luciano knows Theresa Pakistan India percent amused potatoes isn't tense.
Afraid they won't be able to get them in it.
Get a conversation.
That's the best thing about it.
That's a sin panel puts our attending among a missus.
Isn't either part among game Easy says in the role it took some Never fucking a GSR test test.
The Saturdays on to women now Baron Rupert Mobile A tennis stamina.
Young stuck linen in cryptic Hogan panel patella.
Tabula were incredible.
Toronto and text him cook on Iwo Stairs.
Hello, Michiyo could get Mauzy.
You're going in there, Terra.
Competent stereotypes Help!
How to get there, Mamita has him on torturing your own union More.
Their penalty wouldn't give me that.
No better.
You want to encrypt with terrible push, Simon, Give me young way The Impenetrable wearisome either cadets upstairs how my men you'll get with it wouldn't or no road and texted three Munger Caracas racing With your guess.
Hang on.
Oh, the washing to tag and no the roulette.
OK, designer Wirtanen, I am your bachelor caps ribbons of hugging and goes to Smith.
He's m p d wears a potato po tah kind of people Pantera Yana Caro is Sarah is probably wearing.
It never occurred to me that paddle would e media Caucasia minds among Liliana sip your about going in there irritate us as a poem.
Then I owe you correct I e d really talking in Carly's part Salaries Parker get excited like Otto also you're gay cops in Khandala trailer cannon petal.
Continue Keramika Karam Nog Peggy's party rounds tenant boasted the tech io you don't get in.
That kid was Peggy's per game comes with the run.
They're given to the requisite with Amita.
He's a m.
Is that the right?
If young Bhutto a few pegs.
Takashi What?
You're up against me?
Where do you go when nothing was in?
Somebody excelled Anyhow, you don't care, Hannah, I'm not sick.
You haven't said there were two.
Okay, we're borrowing cups.
A tree kind of calls me that.
You can win a talk.
We gotta get so you know, years on competent by Iran cargo give Ian comes in there bare.
Gibbons The recap, sir.
Parquet Armida.
You cause hunger.
Then it's over.
You know I'm on who young Victorians isn't video Rick, You're condemning Optimize are lots of things on the side.
Derail a token in me A capsule hotel garden leader lost the phones I don't cover Gagarin Minato cannot happen, did it?
Someone home?
Optimizers Having also said baggy.
But it's the little things in Moscow.
Quiet times idiot thought are saying They're saying, Lindsey Buckingham, what you got there and forcing the condom?
Is it in there?
Information first happens over some arms None.
Peggy, Peggy, I'm still really was in Lay awake.
Oh, really?
Luke, don't rectify the lino unison.
I warmed it up.
You re load on the first of all, I'm so gone on the run, even your cups.
A young with a young woman Cops Good As I had a homicide Trudeau young young man called together Could he goes off to mix and then said, There's a car junker stars into Can you guys, Muna, you do really talk, Catch love radio And then you're okay and looked very cool.
Kagome pooing and it's on your head and go to hamburger from your lot.
That was a week away And then I know, Put till 10 and one from Younger.
Coming second opportunity to the cups of Turkey welcomes the ground in this inn.
So if Tim External to the cups in a row now more than you want open and I get them in there.
Woody Allen Autonomy Where cops could Home Box of American Tamyra Exit beam is Iraq's play, but about getting in there you banana has said that police had a way of getting me there.
He's on The accident.
Happened was an M.
One game is you are very sick, young man.
Come out there and you bought that.
It is on that porch and he misses the remodel.
Gutierrez will never test on his hand was chasing it.
Test There are gave us on your okay.
Eva Elliott.
Thomas Rose.
Hang on Monday.
Could you bite him?
I would all but it's unpredictable.
Selling your ceremony Media yet?
Ever see Simula?
You gonna cut it there?
Okay, computer game.
Miserable music can impound Workout.
It's in there, Peter.
One time we media are there certain among a 1,000,000 crew together.
Picked up telling.
Ever see similar?
You call that cable in the one time I pass it on music.
Amazon cargo is park service.
Parker gave it.
Go is the cardinal has honey music Counter tile, top military tent by the gods have seen their fort tunes as a naval could ever win.
The car's been there.
You think they're going to use It meant I was acquitted on cool singer at heart.
Amrita, don't get them out there, Kyle.
It they borrow fit.
So we're gonna take summer party going on because you're getting in there.
Your views on combos and our dear Let's talk Karan in tow.
Hook up your formula.
Palm Beach yours.
Are you boarding?
Go today Totally gets me.
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머신러닝 기반의 기본적인 컴퓨터 비전 (ML Zero to Hero 2부)

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 4, 2020
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