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one of guys.
That's Lauren Gray.
And today I thought I would do kind of a back to school work out with changing slash hole.
This video is sponsored laboratory secret.
So thank you guys for wanting this video.
It's back to school season.
So I wanted to show you guys some come because that I love you studying around cannabis and feel comfortable into you at the same time.
And Tank also has a lot of Q active where that I want to show you when we get to the workout routine.
But first I'm gonna show you some company closed you can wear during school season.
So first up that I have is outfit that I'm wearing right now.
This is the college crop crew and Heather charcoal, and you guys know I love great outfits.
So this was right up my alley, and I also had the premium college slim campus Long name.
So it's a matching set, and it's super comfortable, super cozy, and I actually got my top and a large my pants and a small so that the top of that size.
So yeah, next item that I have is the blame campus crew and this is the California one.
But they have all different cities, which is really cool.
And I also got this in a large because again, I like where things oversized.
I love the fit and I love this Barclay details.
I love sparkles.
I loved his shine like the stores.
Next, I have the campus joggers, and these are in the color pure black wash.
Pretty close to Greg.
We're supposed to like a black black wash.
That's a little bit so they're super soft on the inside, which is something I look for buying sweat bands.
And I also like that all these pants stench is about, um so they're joggers, which is nice.
And you go work out these if you wanted or they could double is something comfy to wear while you're studying more?
Just chill with your friends.
Okay, so next I have a high waist cargo jogger and these are black else's into the bottom, which I love.
Any have these little pockets right here to put all your items in all your things?
All your special little gadgets and gizmos, markets and drawstrings, even tighter.
Lots of pockets to store all your items next.
So next we have the bling closet and you have a really cute little secret detail, kind of like the Cali sweaters.
They're pretty badly, which I like, because I like having for activities and these ones, I got to say, because so this is imagine Sweater is the blame.
Full zip.
And this one's different because it zips up, which is a nice crop top underneath it, or a tank top, and we're off the shoulder is considering all the way up.
This was nice for like a walk in the park.
Or if you wanna start on everybody at the gym or like May and you do squat home, it's great for Children and studying at house.
So So that's all for the comfy clothes that I have.
And now I'm going to move on to my workout outfit and show you guys my work.
So now, moving into the workout clothes, I have the ultimately lightly line sports brow, and this one is in black, and I'm also wearing one that's black and white, which I'm sure you guys when I'm doing workout routine.
But I like these because they're not too bad, but they're padded enough and they have adjustable straps so you can adjust it however you want very breakable.
Very fun, fresh or dog ear.
And then compare with this boards, bro.
I have the ultimate be legging.
I like the material for working out because they don't slip down and they are pretty stretches.
So they're good for all work out.
Things that you're gonna be doing to stay that during the school season, they have the pain logo right here.
It's your trinkets.
Now that I showed you guys all the clothes that I have in front of me, let's jump into work.
Okay, so now it's time to jump into the workout.
And I'm calling this a back to school.
Work out because it's super simple.
Super quick.
You could do it anywhere.
I'm gonna be running on a treadmill.
But if you don't have a treadmill, you get outside, you're on a track.
You can run up and down your stairs, whatever you want it.
So this is gonna be super quick and super easy.
And I am wearing my Victoria's Secret pink leggings and sports bra and sweatshirt.
Oh, also, Typically, I wouldn't wear a full face of makeup when I'm working out, but because I have somewhere to go up in this, and I'm not actually going to be doing my workout because I'm just selling it.
I am wearing a full face of makeup because I want to look 20 anywhere's okay, talking what's going on?
So the first thing that I do is run on the treadmill, and I typically run between 20 and 30 minutes.
I do two miles, so I run on about 6.5 steen, which is kind of a step of love jogging.
So it's like a It's a run, but it's a light brown.
It's not an intense run, or I'll do intervals where I run for 30 seconds or run for a minute.
And then I walked two minutes for a walk for a minute.
Just depends on how I'm feeling.
But I do think the interval workouts are just as effective as a straight run.
So if you're not going for distance, interval workouts are the work out for you.
So typically, I rotate between legs, abs and arms do abs every time I work out, but I don't necessarily do arms and legs on the same day, so typically overtake.
So today I'm gonna be showing you a leg work out.
I'm gonna be doing 20 regular squats, 20 sumo squats and 20 lunch pulses, and I'll rotate through those so I'll d'oh each one 20 times and now rotate and do it three times of each day.
I don't know why that was so hard for me to say.
Sometimes I'll use weights.
I have £5 weights that I use every now and then.
If I'm trying to get a little bit more difficult, you can also use resistance bands and things like that kind of above the workout.
But if you're a beginner or going for a lighter work out, you could just do without weights a little normal.
Totally fine personal preference.
The next thing I like to do for cardio is jumping rope.
Jump rope is so fun, and it's such a good cardio workout.
So typically go outside to do that because I don't have enough space in my living room to do it.
So I'll go outside in my driveway and jump rope for two minutes and you take a break and jumper begin and do that for you four times until you feel good about it, just to get the heart going again.
Another workout that I really like to do is I like to take my waist.
You confined super inexpensive workout equipment.
All of my stuff I got from $5 or less.
I got my capable for $5 and it's, you know, £5.10 pound credible.
And I also like to do squats with those where you squat down and you swing it up as you're swatting.
That's a good arm workout as well.
So it's like a like a two for one.
So now I live into abs, and if you have a carpet at home, that's perfect.
I also have a mad because all of my floors in my house are hardwood, so I got a double yoga mat.
I kind of do the same thing that I did with the leg exercises I do with the abs of the same kind of cycle.
So first I start out with some like raises, just like flat before lift up your legs.
Six and Jews down.
I'll do 20 of each exercise.
20 is kind of my magic number.
When it comes to working out, so I'll start with leg braces and then I'm into some people.
Call them flutter kicks or scissor kicks, but basically just move your legs with this chopping, and you kind of keep them six inches off the ground, the same thing you did with leg braces.
And you could also do them horizontally like this.
Pretty good, too.
So crunches all the 20 of those.
And then for the last part, I'll do some bicycle crunches where you alternate to each side, and you can also do this with the way.
And if you don't want to lift up your legs, if it's too difficult or hearts too much, you can put your legs in the ground and just do Russian twists, and you can do that.
Wait or no wait.
But the most important thing is to make sure that you're leaning back so that your abs really get all the all the work's.
Engage your core and work those obliques girl, so if you want to get that booty populated, you could do leg lifts.
Basically, you get on all fours and you just alternate your legs and you left him in the air behind you, and I usually do 20 reps of that as well.
And you could do that three times.
Most of these things I cycle in sets of threes.
Well, 20 reps, and I'll do it three times, all the way through.
So technically you're doing 60 rebs of each thing.
But you can always adjust that.
Another workout that I really love is fire hydrants, and it's sort of like leg lifts, but it works some different muscles, so it's basically the same concept except lift.
You lights out to the side like a dog, we, and to finish off the workout.
I love doing a nice minute long plank to finish off the workout strong.
Get it over with one minute blank, you to set a time on your phone and hold it.
So anyways, guys, I hope you enjoy this video.
This try on hall slash back to school workout routine.
Thank you so much again to Victoria's Secret Pink for sponsoring video.
All the clothes in this video are from Victoria Singer Pink.
So if you want to check out the campus collection, wait down below, so let me know how these workouts work.
out for you.
And I will see you guys next time.
Make sure like this guy comin down below what you want to see next, Love.
You seen it?
Gotta get that stretch stretch.
Actually, the most unforced overs.
Dude, That girl with the cure leader, You engage your core and work those obliques virile.
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1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 4, 2020
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