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  • We've all been quarantined

  • about three weeks now.

  • And let's be honest. It sucks.

  • But the good news is, it works.

  • Countries that have imposed strict social distancing

  • have started seeing their transmission rates drop,

  • and it looks like it's even working here in New York.

  • So that means every single one of us

  • who's staying at home right now is a hero.

  • And you know what happens to heroes.

  • They make movies about them.

  • -(gunfire) -(dramatic movie theme plays)

  • NARRATOR: When the world is at war...

  • WOMAN: Breaking overnight-- at war,

  • amid a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases.

  • The world is at war with a hidden enemy.

  • MAN: The silent army of infection.

  • WOMAN: The war against coronavirus.

  • America at war.

  • NARRATOR: One hero will put on the uniform

  • and answer the call of duty

  • by staying... at... home.

  • The fight will not be easy.

  • Supplies will be thin.

  • But when the only way to destroy the enemy

  • -is through self-isolation... -(phone chimes)

  • ...doing nothing

  • means everything.

  • (dramatic movie music plays)

We've all been quarantined

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Sweatpants of Glory | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/04/04
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