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  • Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak.

  • I'm Feifeiand, not for the first time,

  • it looks like Rob is late

  • Rob: Here I am! Yes, really sorry. The bus

  • was really slow.

  • Feifei: HmmmBad on the roads today, huh?

  • Rob: Terrible traffic.

  • Feifei: That's funny, because I took the

  • train in this morning and I saw you at the

  • other end of the carriage.

  • Rob: Err, OK. Sorry. Yes. I took the train,

  • not the bus. Little fib there.

  • Feifei: Why would you want to fib about

  • that? Well, not to worry, it gives us the

  • perfect opportunity to talk about fibs and

  • fibbingsomething Rob is very good at.

  • Rob: Oh yes, to fib is to tell a small lie,

  • nothing too serious. Like giving a false

  • reason for being late. Come on Feifei, you

  • do it too!

  • Feifei: I'm always on time! Well, almost

  • always.

  • You can use fib as a verb 'to fib' - and

  • it can also be a noun – 'a little fib',

  • or 'to tell a fib'. Let's listen to these examples:

  • Marty fibbed that he was going to study

  • at his friend Lucio's house, when in fact

  • they went to see a movie.

  • While watching the horror scenes, Marty

  • was so scared he had to close his eyes.

  • But after the film he fibbed he was not

  • frightened at all.

  • Marty told Lucio that he knew the main

  • actor from the movie, but that was just

  • another fib. In fact Marty had just met the

  • actor for five seconds and taken a quick

  • selfie together.

  • Feifei: This is The English We Speak from

  • BBC Learning English. So anyway, I'm still

  • a bit confused about why you had to fib

  • about being late?

  • Rob: Well, I just had something to do before

  • coming in to the office.

  • Feifei: Really? That sounds mysterious.

  • Rob: Not really. I wanted to go to a shop.

  • Feifei: Do tell me why.

  • Rob: OK, OKwell it was going to be a

  • surprise, but I wanted to buy you a little

  • cake, because it's your birthday today and

  • I can't come to your party later.

  • Feifei: Oh, that's so sweet. Though you

  • know, it's not really my birthday today.

  • Rob: What?

  • Feifei: Yes. It's on Saturday. Sorry, a little

  • fib there. I told everyone it was my

  • birthday today so they would be more

  • likely to come to my party.

  • Rob: Oh right, very sneaky! Enjoy the cake

  • anyway. Bye.

  • Feifei: Yum. Bye.

Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak.

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