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  • (bright upbeat music)

  • - Hey everyone, it's Natasha of

  • and today we're gonna make an easy chicken picatta .

  • It sounds fancy but it's not.

  • It's so simple, comes together in one pan,

  • has really simple ingredients,

  • but the flavors are phenomenal.

  • It has a light lemon cream sauce.

  • The chicken is so juicy.

  • This might just become your new favorite chicken recipe.

  • Start by slicing three chicken breasts in half lengthwise

  • so you end up with six cutlets.

  • (uplifting music)

  • Season both sides with salt and pepper.

  • (uplifting music)

  • Now pour half a cup of all purpose flour

  • into a shallow dish and dip both sides of the chicken,

  • shaking off the excess flour.

  • (uplifting music)

  • Once that's done, place a large skillet

  • over medium high heat.

  • Add two tablespoons of olive oil

  • and two tablespoons of butter.

  • Once the butter melts and is sizzling,

  • you can add the chicken.

  • Saute two to four minutes per side

  • depending on how thick your chicken is.

  • It should be golden and cooked through.

  • Transfer your cooked chicken to a serving platter.

  • Then add another tablespoon of oil

  • and another tablespoon of butter

  • and the remaining chicken.

  • Once the last cutlet is out of the pan

  • without reducing the heat,

  • add half a cup of wine, one tablespoon of butter,

  • a quarter cup of fresh lemon juice

  • and 1/4 cup of rinsed capers.

  • Let it simmer for a minute

  • and then roll all of your chicken cutlets in the sauce.

  • This will make every bite of your chicken super flavorful.

  • Remove you chicken pieces,

  • then let the sauce simmer for another couple minutes

  • until it's slightly thickened.

  • Pour every drop of that yummy sauce onto your chicken.

  • Top with fresh lemon slices and parsley,

  • and that's it.

  • Uh, yum.

  • I can tell you my kitchen smells amazing.

  • Now we have to do a taste test, of course,

  • otherwise that would be ridiculous.

  • Let's pick a big one.

  • Juicy.

  • Here we go.

  • That is a big one.

  • I'll be chewing for a while.

  • Mmm.

  • Wow.

  • I love lemony chicken.

  • The flavors come together so well.

  • It's tender, juicy and totally fresh

  • with the lemon and capers.

  • You guys are gonna love this recipe.

  • Make it tonight.

  • Seriously, it's so good and easy.

  • If you guys enjoyed this video,

  • give me a thumbs up below.

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  • Thanks for watching!

  • (bright upbeat music)

  • I love me some chicken.

  • (laughs)

  • I'll get this, I'll get it.

  • (laughs)

  • (mumbles and laughs)

  • Okay, I just taste tested almost the whole chicken.

  • I'll have some more, it's really good.

  • (laughs)

  • Alright, bye guys.

  • (bright upbeat music)

(bright upbeat music)

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How To Make Chicken Piccata Recipe - Dinner Comfort Food

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