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- Hey guys, sorry I'm a little late.
Hey, what's up man?
- Sup, man?
- Becky still not here?
- Sorry guys, hello.
- Late again, as per usual.
Just holding it up, you know what I mean?
- You just got here.
- [Bearded Man] Let's roll, let's roll, come on.
- Oh!
(dramatic music)
(flames crackling)
- Here's the scenario, it's the middle of the night,
the fire alarm starts going off.
You're startled awake.
You notice a slight presence of smoke in the room.
What do you do?
- Well, how slight is slight?
If it's slight enough I can, you know, get some things.
Like my jeans, they don't make any more.
- Yeah or my old comic book collection, X-Men.
- It's imperative not to waste any time,
a fire can go from small to huge in a matter of minutes.
- [Narrator] One study showed that over 40 years ago
you had 17 minutes from the time the fire alarm went off
to safely exit the house.
Today, that amount of time is down to about three
or four minutes and it's suspected this is
because modern furniture burns quicker
because so many items are now made with synthetic materials.
- We need to hit it as quickly as possible.
Becky, let's do this!
- Oh.
- Get to the door.
You feel if it's hot with the back of your hand.
- It's good.
- If it's not hot, you open it.
- That's pretty easy.
- If it's hot?
- Ooh.
- Yeah, you don't open it.
- So what if it's just, kind of hot?
- Like, minimal.
- We could just go through it, right?
(flames bursting through door)
- Yeah, that's running a serious risk.
- That's fair.
- Alright, so what are we supposed to do if we can't exit?
Just sit here?
- Well, if you're unable to exit, your best option may be to
stay put, stay right where you are.
- Boring.
- Yeah, it's not boring, it's just terrifying.
- Smoke, in this case, is one of your biggest threats.
- [Narrator] Fire and smoke in a room diminish oxygen.
Under normal conditions the percent of oxygen in the air
is roughly 21%.
Even when this percentage is just slightly lowered to 16%
physical and mental ability become significantly impaired.
When available oxygen is estimated to be at about six to
7%, death can occur within minutes.
But fire won't burn with that low
of an oxygen concentration.
- We just stay here, really?
We don't get to go like, run through fire?
- Do not run through the fire.
- Alright.
They do it in the movies so I just thought.
- Shh, no.
- First notify responders and then
focus on sealing out the smoke.
Here's what you need.
- [Narrator] Montage.
(upbeat music)
Foil! (foil crinkling)
(tape ripping) Duct Tape!
- [Female Narrator] Wet towel.
- Good job Becky.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
- [Becky] You are so welcome.
- [Jeremy] Lay the towel against
the bottom crevice of the door.
Use the foil and tape to cover the air vents and cracks.
And you can hold a damp cloth against
your face to help filter smoke.
- So I still think we should try running through the fire,
I feel like the Rock would run through the fire.
I'm running through the fire.
(door opens)
(fire crackling)
- No!
No, stop trying to run through the friggin' fire.
- Alright so now the fire is in the room,
we can feel the heat, we have nowhere else to go.
What are we supposed to do?
- Well, in dire situation, a window
may also serve as an exit.
If the window is stuck and one feels
compelled to break the window,
please be mindful, this is incredibly dangerous.
- But also, really, really fun.
Like something the Rock would do, right?
- And very dangerous.
This type of scene may seem movie-like and exciting,
but it's actually your last resort.
Ideally you want to aim to take preemptive measures
so a situation like this does not occur in the first place.
- So if we made it to this point we're already in trouble?
- You're in serious trouble.
- Yeah, serious trouble.
- Is there any other kind?
(fire crackling)
Got it.
- I've actually had a situation where a guy panicked,
broke the window, cut his wrist,
and actually bled out by the time we found him.
- I don't wanna be that guy.
- Don't do that.
- There are a few safety measures to keep in mind.
First, find a cloth and wrap your hands.
Second, find a blunt object to break the window with.
(fire crackling loudly)
(window shattering)
(intense music)
(ambulance wailing)
- I still feel like I could make
running through the fire, right?
- No.
- My mentality is, what would the Rock do?
And I feel like the Rock would just do it, you know?
- We're gonna cut, boom.
(chill music)
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3 Ways To Survive A House Fire

25 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 4, 2020
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