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The under-appreciated instrument in the orchestra.
Today, We will be watching...
Some kind of a mixture.
But basically...
With the theme on tubas.
Because there's a lot of clips out there of...
Tubas getting into very strange incidences.
Tuba appreciation.
It would be tu-bad if you haven't subscribed yet.
Alright, anyway...
Guy drops his microphone down the tuba on live TV.
Oh god.
Dude, that was like an amplify...
Unnecessary like...
*Imitates noise*
Oh, let's just like record like right like this
next to the mic.
There gotta be like audio monitors, like dudes...
- Yeah. - Monitoring the audio...
- Smashing. "Dude!" - "Damn it!"
Aw man...
He lost his mic down the...
Down the Tuba.
Dude, that's so disgusting! That's so disgusting!
There's all those fle - Like condensation.
I love the sound effect.
*Imitates sound*
Then just goes quiet.
What a sacrilegious reporter.
The tuba got violated.
The tuba didn't want a mic inside its hole.
Oh my god...
Dude, that's not how you treat -
That's not how you treat an instrument.
- You don't like, yeah... - Just like...
Are you kidding me?
That's not a tuba by the way.
- Oh, what is it? - It's a sousaphone.
Oh, a sousa -
- Dude... - We have an intellect right there.
- That is true, that's not a tuba! - That's not a tuba.
Tubas are like this.
It should be like a u-shaped thing.
It doesn't point outwards, it points upwards.
Ooo, well-spotted!
- TwoSet approved news reporter. - Yeah.
Did you flinch?
Oh yeah, forgot.
I flinched there.
That is tu-bad.
- Ooh! - Tu-bad! Ohh!
That's pretty cool.
When the party is too lit, you're like...
- Dude, the cameraman full on fell down. - I know.
- And that camera! - He must be so pissed.
- And the guy didn't care, he didn't even bother, he's like... - He didn't react, he's like...
- That guy's just high. - Dude, that guy's on something.
Like on like, adrenaline or something.
I wanna watch it again.
That's when he started getting into it, he's like...
Nothing stop, nothing matters!
Ooo, fu -
Right there.
When you do that pose, you're getting hyped.
My toe...
It should be a new hype thing, just...
- That's a new dance. - Oh my god.
He totally forgot he had a...
- Tuba... Sousaphone on his back. - Sousaphone.
Sousaphone argument.
- Oh yeah. - Yeah.
- "Came here to see tuba sousaphone argument." - "Came here to" - You're like...
I was just about to - Let's see.
- Wow. - He didn't even seemed to care about his sousaphone.
- And the camera guy just - - Dude...
- Fully got K.O. - It's like...
"God damn it, this is my job."
But professionally, he kept the camera on. It's like Tttss -
Caught the moment.
- Yeah. - A good cameraman can capture this -
Any situation, they can capture the moment.
Next one.
I flinched on that one.
- Okay. - Okay, I don't think this is a tuba one.
It's on lingling40hrs.
- Ah... - Sorry I laughed.
Poor thing.
Dude, I need to watch that again.
You know why?
The crescendo?
Yeah, the crescendo happens.
- She's like playing with more weight. - She's like... The stand was like no.
I want to see how she recuperated afterwards.
I think she just gave up here.
She's like yeah.
That's so depressing.
I mean, I would too, but...
"I don't get paid enough for this s***, I'm out."
Budget deficit, needs a better stand.
Did you flinch or did you tu-bad?
I think I'm losing.
Yeah. I'm getting owned.
I'm getting sousaphoned.
- Ohh!! - Ohh!!
Oh my god.
Dude, was that legit?
Ever wondered what's going on
through a tuba player's mind?
Yeah, yeah.
Oh my god.
As overdramatic as it is...
Part of me can...
- Relate. - Kind of...
Believe that because...
I know when you're so focused in practicing...
And your ears are hyper-tuned to whatever...
Sound you're making.
Like there have been times I'm practicing,
- And then... Yeah. - My mom just comes like knocks on the door.
- You're like, woah! Yeah, yeah. - I like, jump.
Yeah. No, I agree.
Cause you're so focused on whatever you're focused on.
The sound like you said.
And any sound interrupts that focus.
- Yeah, oh my god. - It's like an amplifier in your ears.
That guy had headphones in as well.
The way he screamed, that was funny.
That scream was funny.
A bit of a rough comparison between this...
The b-flat contrabass trombone -
I love he posted this as well.
I know.
But that was like a real reaction.
He's like, "this costs me a 100k..."
Or however much. Might as well post it.
- Yeah. - Get some views.
Dude, that would hurt.
Dude, imagine you're holding two violins.
Like two Strads, and you're just like...
I don't know if I will post it.
I can't.
- I couldn't. Yeah. - I couldn't bring myself.
That will be too much.
Argh... You can hear the clang.
Dude, I wanna watch it again.
A rough comparison between this...
The b-flat contrabass trombone -
I think he switched off.
He just let go.
"B-flat contrabass."
- Look at the weight... - "Wait."
- And just topples over. - Topping over... It's just like...
He must be just tired or something.
He looks... Probably too tired.
Because the reaction was like...
B-b-br - Like...
The b-flat contrabass trombone -
And then look.
Look at the blinking.
Like the eyes blinking and touching the head.
Oh, that was too good.
That didn't need acting. That was the real thing.
I don't know why I'm clapping but wow.
Alright, oboe. We're not doing tubas anymore, but hey.
What happened?
- The reed broke? - Something happened to the reed.
He realizes there was water bubbles in his keys.
He tapped it and then split his reed.
So subtle. Let's read the comments.
What happened to the other oboist?
- She's just like... - She's just like, "now I don't have a oboe now."
Now it's my fault that if I get in trouble.
Cause I'm not playing my part.
- That would hurt. That looks really painful. - That actually looks really painful.
Ah, gotta watch it again.
- Oh!!! - Urgh!!!
That was a...
Dude, tubas are a hazard.
It's so heavy.
Material's hard.
You bow in front of a cameraman, you knock them out.
And the sound is pretty hazardous sometimes.
When you're practicing...
*Imitates sound*
But actually, it's not as bad as a saxophone.
- Yeah, saxophones are so loud. - It's the worst.
They're so loud.
But we love you.
- Oh!!! - It looked like he did it on purpose!
He's like...
"Don't take a selfie on me without permission."
- Bam! - Wa-bam!
It's a weapon.
Also, you need to gain self-awareness of your -
Ah, gain spatial awareness.
- Yeah. - It's a bit like when you carry your violin on your back,
you have to be a bit more spatially aware of...
You know when you go like
in the aisle of shopping centers?
And then you have...
The violin on your back. You have to go woah...
Woah. Woo...
Oh, slow motion.
Yeah, he did it on purpose.
- Oh... - Woah...
That's not cool.
If you did it on purpose...
I'm just kidding.
Well, there you go, did you learn...
The difference between a tuba...
And the sousaphone?
Did you learn about spatial awareness?
Hope you learned something today.
Hope you didn't flinch too much.
And don't forget to subscribe.
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Is Tuba the Most Dangerous Instrument? (You Flinch You Lose)

24 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 3, 2020
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