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bjbj,(,( Yzqf Title: An Invitation to Tea (I m going to kill you MWHAHAHA!) Oh, hi.
I didn t see you come in. Would you like some tea? I have an extra cup right here. Logo
Hi, welcome to China Uncensored. I m Chris Chappell. So, if you re a Chinese dissident,
and you get an invitation to tea by authorities, you can be pretty sure there s not going to
be much tea involved. s sort of like when Chinese police burst into the homes of activists
in the middle of the night to suggest they go on a vacation, and get out of Beijing for
a couple of days during politically sensitive events. Last week there were massive protests
outside the Southern Weekly, a Chinese newspaper that actually isn t state-run. The paper had
tried to run an article calling for a constitutional government, but then the local propaganda
chief Tuo Zhen took it upon himself to make a slight edit. He rewrote it to praise the
CCP. And gosh, China must really be changing because usually large protests are met with
brutality. But this time, authorities just invited everyone to tea! I mean, look at how
excited they are! It looks like they just can t wait to get into that unmarked van.
And here s a student being taken off for tea after his interview with Second German Broadcast
Network. Look, how nice! They re carrying him so he doesn t have to walk. It must have
been quite the tea party because they even invited celebrities. Taiwanese singer Annie
Yi also spoke out on behalf of Southern Weekly, and someone must have been listening because
she later said on her Weibo, which is like a Chinese Twitter, that authorities also invited
her to drink tea. That was before a bunch of her Weibo posts were mysteriously taken
down. In fact, at least 20 people have been invited to drink tea with authorities in relation
to the Southern Weekly incident alone, including famous Beijing entrepreneur Li Kaifu and property
developer Ren Zhiqiang. Tea drinking began in China 4,000 years ago, and plays a huge
role in Chinese culture. That s probably why authorities can t get enough tea parties.
In fact, to help them out, they ve recently made a new law that Internet providers and
social media sites have to register the real names of users. That way, if someone posts
something critical of the government, it s even easier to invite them to tea and discuss
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An Invitation to Tea (I'm Going to Kill You Bwhaha!) | China Uncensored

18 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 3, 2020
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