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on this episode of china uncensored duck, duck
there's a lot of dead ducks here
i wouldn't johnson's it on your house chris chapel china continues to inspire
people towards vegetarianism with the caramel of dead animals
it keeps washing up in people's water supplies
by recently reported that six thousand decades washed up in a major shanghai
authorities think they were dumped by pig farms upstream after the pigs died
of disease which is of course ridiculous how could a couple of pig farms dumped
six thousand dead pigs
obviously that number should be much higher
seven thousand
eight thousand kamon china has next to no regulations at least on businesses
ten thousand are you can fight so there are a lot of dead pigs
fourteen thousand would be too little
how about sixteen thousand disease dead pigs in their drinking water
do you know how many mika read you could make with them
technically none the grades aren't actually made out of pork but you get
the idea
and it's not just shanghai where people had turned the rivers into graveyards in
hunan studio city they found another one hundred dead pigs then right around the
corner and trying to stop italy found fifty more
and it wasn't just pains
one local authorities said they were dead chickens and ducks to
and it wasn't just in hunan province
sichuan province had half thousand dead docs
thousand dead docs
don't worry though officials are saying even though they don't know where all
the dead animals are coming from or why they're dying like it's going out of
the water safe to drink and there's no risk to humans
you know this is looking more and more like a biblical plague tumi so let's see
we've got blood frogs hale this is passed on ps
locust darkness
was the last one
old boy
thanks for watching this episode of china uncensored
be sure to follow me on twitter and like china and centered on face book and as
always subscribe in comment below
once again i'm chris chapel see you next time
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There's a lot of Dead Ducks Here! | China Uncensored

18 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 2, 2020
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