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  • This is the lock picking lawyer, and what I have for you today is the new you version of Kryptonite Evolution mini bike lock.

  • This one came out about two years ago, and it's an incremental improvement over the older version.

  • Significantly, the center portion found inside of the steel pipe used to be made out of plastic that's now cast aluminum, which is a very welcome change.

  • Moving on to the shackle.

  • It now has this little half moon shaped cutout, which goes into a fitted hole that increases the resistance of the loch to twisting and prying attacks, as well as ensuring that to cuts in, the shackle would be required to remove this from the bike.

  • The final changes, one that is very close to my heart and that is the improved core.

  • It's somewhat more pick resistant because it no longer tensions from the front disc, but instead a random disk behind it.

  • The technique it requires is a little bit more advanced, and I've described it several times in the past, including last week in video number 8 30 so I won't waste any time on it today.

  • So all that said, let's get to picking.

  • I'm going to be using a brand new tool.

  • This is not the one that I made with Bosnian Bill.

  • That one went off two sparrows, but I needed one to use while I was waiting for sparrows to return it.

  • So I just finished this one up yesterday, and it's the first time you guys were seeing it on video.

  • So picking this, we rotate all of the desks as far clockwise as they will go.

  • Then insert this tension in off of disc one and let's find disc number two.

  • Okay, there we go.

  • Nice click out of Disc two.

  • We got him set.

  • Soft click out of disc.

  • Three disc fours, binding tightly.

  • Gotta click out of four.

  • Five.

  • Feels like it's in a gate.

  • That might be our zero cut, from which this tensions six is binding.

  • Gotta click out of six.

  • Seven also feels like it's in a gate.

  • That might also be a zero cut we contention from, and there's nothing behind it.

  • This is a short stack, Most quipped.

  • Knights have eight disks, so it's tension off of number seven.

  • Oh, I slipped off events.

  • Get back on seven counter rotate number one, and I think we just got it open.

  • There we go.

  • So that didn't take too long.

  • But don't be put off too much.

  • The technique I used was fairly advanced, and the chances of this being picked on the street are probably fairly low.

  • In any case, that's all I have for you today.

  • If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below.

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  • And, as always, have a nice day.

  • Thank you.

This is the lock picking lawyer, and what I have for you today is the new you version of Kryptonite Evolution mini bike lock.

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[836] Kryptonite’s “New-U” Evolution Mini Bike Lock Picked

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/31
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