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How was lunch dear?
It was good! You should bring me to Bangkok. I wanna go to…
Oh, I’ll bring you there next month!
Really? It would be awesome!
You know Melody? She showed me this bag she bought.
It’s so nice! So cheap! She bought it from Bangkok.
Very nice. Very nice. -- I hope I could buy also.
Oh, let me get that.
Thanks dear!
You’re welcome.
It’s weekend. Shall we go to the zoo?
Yeah! Let’s go! --Yehey!
Weekend ready. Going or not?
Stay home.
Eh! Very hot!
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Uhm, could you excuse me for a moment?
(fart) Oh!
Dear, you know what day it is today?
Of course!
Happy anniversary sweetheart!
Dear, you know what day it is today?
I’m so sorry, sweetheart!
It’s okay. It’s my fault too.
You look at the woman! The one! The one!
It’s just a TV! I’m just watching TV!
Is that alright if I hang out with the guys tonight?
Of course! You don’t need my permission for that.
Can I go out with the guys tonight?
Of course! You don’t need my permission for that.
Hey, what are you looking at?
Nothing! Eat! Eat!
Hi everybody! I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
Well, as you can tell, I’m having a really bad sore throat.
So let the boys take care of you.
This is TreePotatoes, our new Youtube channel
where were gonna be producing comedies, skits, and short film concepts for you guys.
And we’ll be releasing videos every Tuesday.
That’s right! If you enjoy the video, please go ahead and like the video.
Subscribe to our channel.
Of course, share it with your friends.
Main point is guys, we are back!
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11 Differences Between Dating & Marriage

6950 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on April 24, 2014
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