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  • My full name is Jack Leroy Tueller

  • This is two weeks after D-Day

  • it’s dark, raining, muddy, and I’m stressed

  • so I get my trumpet out and the commander says:

  • Jack don’t play tonight, because there is one sniper left. ”

  • I thought to myself that

  • German sniper is as scared and lonely as I am.

  • So I thought, I’ll play his love song

  • The next morning

  • here came a jeep from up the beach about a mile and a half away

  • and the military police says:

  • Hey captain

  • there’s some German prisoners getting ready to go to England

  • One of them keeps saying in broken English

  • "Who played that trumpet last night?”

  • And he burst into sobs" he said

  • When I heard that number that you played

  • I thought about my fiance in Germany

  • I thought about my mother and dad, about my brothers and sisters,

  • and I couldn’t fire.”

  • And he stick out his hand

  • and I shook the hand of the enemy

  • He was no enemy; he was scared and lonely like me.

  • The power of music.

My full name is Jack Leroy Tueller

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