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behind me, Liza.
Feast, Which doesn't look too nice.
To be honest, you've got raw meat, got mushroom stew on a piece of kelp.
Doesn't look too tasty to me, but complete this game.
We gotta weed, um, lot.
And after he'd them, my Minecraft character does.
I was gonna put out a banquet here of all the foods I need to eat.
Complete an advancement, Which is this one right here?
A balanced diet, Everything There's edible, even if it's no good for you.
Wait, We'll have 11 left.
You have 11 left anyway, we're gonna try and work through that first, and then we're gonna take on another one of the advancements.
Because if you haven't seen the Siri's before, for whatever reason, go watch.
It'll from beginning to end right now.
Okay, I'm kidding.
We're really close to completing Minecraft in hardcore mode on the achievement I wanna try out today is rescuing a gas from the nether, bringing it safely home to the over world.
And then after all of that, you just have to kill it.
I mean, that's gonna be ridiculously hard by hope Lucky boy will be able to help me out here.
really in a gosh.
This could be really difficult, but we're gonna try anyway.
So where should we start?
We need to just start Ian things.
I've got the list on the left.
We got apple, baby.
Toto, we kind of started on this last time.
Let's just start by eating some of these.
We've got the Martin right here.
Don't know if I v in this, to be honest with you, but I need to get some hunger in my belly so I can actually eat these things.
Then we need Thio.
I think we need to wrote this.
I will cook.
Salmon is or just in case there are any toe cook up the kill.
So it turns to dried kelp so we can eat it.
Rabbit and then mushrooms.
Do we definitely haven't eaten.
So levity the mushrooms do first.
Big Nam.
I didn't mean to do that.
I wonder how many of the fireworks I have wasted by doing that, it's gonna be quite a lot.
Did that work?
Was that one of them?
Yeah, 28 38.
We got 10 left.
Okay, Cooked rabbit is up.
Next, we do have to eat uncooked rabbit as well, which is a little bit terrifying.
We're gonna do the boring ones first, and then we're gonna move on to the more interesting advancements.
Last time we re so in the end of Dragon, which is pretty fun.
Didn't realize there'd be so easy, Though.
I didn't know that the end of Dragon was just the same.
An end to dragon again.
I thought it was gonna be that buffed up, have more iron bars around all of his end crystals.
None of that happened.
So I'm gonna get really hungry, and then I'm gonna eat as much as I can eat away my sorrows.
Oh, by the way, we might need an egg.
A cz.
Well, so while I run around trying to get some more hunger, why don't we visit this?
What I was going to use for my my wither pen.
You know what is going on?
You have been blessed.
I didn't mean to do that.
Oh, no, I was in It was mine and right click.
That's really embarrassing.
Oh, no.
You know what?
I'm out here.
This was not my fault.
You can all be free.
Actually, I don't need you anymore.
I've got the eggs that I need.
I'm just spotted another one.
You guys could be free.
I didn't need you actually write that this awkward.
Let's eat uncooked rabbit first, which is gross.
There we go.
And then we'll eat the cooked rabbit real fast.
Now we should be on 32.
We've eaten both of those already.
Like what?
How and when He got hungry again.
Maybe I have any enrolled chicken.
This is, like a big guess.
I have no idea what's going on.
Should be ready now to look out.
That looks.
My goodness.
How could I resist?
Nom nom.
That was disgusting and very quick, actually.
Why was it so quick?
Yeah, 29.
Is this 30?
There it is, as well.
So I need to look at the raw things that I haven't eaten yet.
And then we're gonna go for cook salmon as well.
Gonna eat that bad boy.
Okay, Were seven left.
You know, I do need I need pumpkin pie.
One of you guys better serve me pumpkin pie.
I'm pretty sure you can buy it.
Or we could just make it, Which is the easiest one to do.
Give me your trades.
Come here.
You You have your pumpkin pie.
One emeralds.
I will take one set.
Thank you very much, my friend.
Good bye, buddy.
That was easy.
Pumpkin pie solved.
So my strategy to Iran flesh should work.
Okay, Never mind.
I didn't get the negative effect.
I was gonna eat it.
So it gives me hunger, and then it doesn't give me hunger.
There we go.
That's better.
So gives me hunger for 30 seconds.
And if I jump around at the same time, that should make you come down quite a bit, right?
That's the idea.
I mean, it kind of works.
It doesn't give you that much younger.
And when you eat rotten flesh, it gives you two back.
So this isn't the best course of action.
So I'm gonna do this and then I'm gonna eat one pumpkin pie.
Big Nam's what we are now 32 6 left.
What could possibly be left?
I just thought of another thing.
I need to buy a cz.
Well, I need cookies.
I have a feeling we bought them before, but I'm not sure so I'm gonna buy those as well.
Cookies are needed for this banquet.
Come here.
I fell in our That was not helpful.
Three for 18 cookies.
I'll take them.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've done this before.
I also don't have a whole mix.
I broke it last time.
Sorry, buddy.
I didn't mean to do that.
That was my bad.
Maybe we didn't do rabbits to last time.
I thought we made this already.
I'm not too sure that.
Let's just take it and eat it.
Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on.
Tasty 32.
It didn't last.
So my braid.
We do also need a poisonous potato, which is slightly random but definitely needs to be done.
I also need some raw beef.
Sorry, fellas.
I didn't come and get your leather off camera, so I did kill some.
But it also breeds some.
So don't make me feel too bad.
She was the chosen one.
It's you that she was.
It was a few of you.
I'm sorry.
You know, we'll get hungry, leads D'oh!
And start initiating the plan for the gassed.
So we need obsidian.
Luckily, we have an absolute ton of it, right?
We're gonna go to the nether.
I think the only way to do this is to build a massive nether portal and then try and get the gas through it.
I think that's the only way that we can do it, cause you could build big of another port was you, like what?
You up to a certain extent.
But we could build a massive one and try and get the gas to go through it.
The only problem is I'm not really sure where to build this.
We're gonna need to get gassed in the first place, which has to be sore in the previous video.
Wasn't as easy as we'd hoped.
Melon slice.
Make sure we put this down.
I'm pretty sure I'd be in one of those before.
I don't know if I'd be in raw beef.
I feel like the raw stuff is the stuff that I haven't eaten yet.
33 5 to go.
Oh, hello, fellas.
How you doing?
Please be gone.
Unless you're gonna give me a skeleton head.
Oh, my goodness.
You actually are holed up and actually gave me one.
Uh, well, that couldn't have gone better.
Let's go find aghast.
The weather skull had though I would take that cause I'm well up for getting another beacon soon.
As long as I can get the weather skeletons to do it then are equal four on.
I think we're gonna need the beacons anyway for help with one of the last ones we're going to do, which is a little of the potions effects at one time.
Gonna mess that up.
But this is my great selection of never fortresses, which seems to be good for pretty much sporting anything you need in the nether cookies.
I'm gonna eat cookies.
Big Nam's.
That was another one as well, actually.
Waas, I don't think I have anything else to eat at the moment.
I've got distracted by.
We'll finish that off later.
Yeah, this is the place where we found ourselves are gassed last time.
We can also get with the skeletons here, all that good stuff.
But we also need to build a giant enormous never portal.
I'm gonna try and build in the ground because we need to try and pull it in.
I think this could be fat enough.
How fat is aghast Glasses.
Pretty fat.
I'm gonna need to be able to do this and just drag it in.
I don't know how effective that's gonna be, but we're going to give it a good go.
It's not big enough.
You think that's big enough?
I hear a gas, too.
I hear one.
It's gonna be annoying to take down.
If it isn't big enough.
I think this should be fine.
This better work, By the way, I don't know where it's gonna end up.
I don't if it's gonna connect to my other and never port or not.
Oh, look at this beaut.
Absolutely amazing.
We also need him to not attack yet.
Gusty Boy, where are you?
I need to whip you with my fishing rods.
I think you do.
There's one right.
Come over here.
That they both disappear.
Don't do that to me.
Don't sporting to in and then just both disappear.
That's pretty harsh.
Both these gusts disappeared.
Look at this.
I need to pull it in there.
And then when I get through, I also need to go through on bump it off and kill it.
This also might be the last time we ever have to come to the nether.
You know, I'm not sure that I'm not gonna act.
Get away from me.
In the name of Les Shoot.
Big bops.
Come on.
Guard cities.
You know you want to.
You want to come to the overboard.
You want to see what it's like.
There's no other way to get gassed in the over world.
You can't like, manipulate spores.
You can't do anything like that.
The achievement specifically states that you have to bring one back.
So that's what we're gonna try and do.
I'm gonna wait around for aghast, and then we're gonna try and get this bad boy through the joint.
Never poor tool.
And in the meantime, I might our go.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
I'm in big trouble.
I'm in big trouble.
I should not done that.
Oh, no!
Right, OK, it's going down right now.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You're making me do this.
It wasn't me.
I was trying to shoot a gast know even aghast.
Ablaze, Guys, Chill, please.
What did his own become from?
Did he come from the fort?
So is that what's happening here?
What are you doing it?
You know, even supposed to be here, Leave you making things worse.
Oh, no.
I'm gonna wait for that to wear off, wait for Augusta and then try to get through the portal.
Guys, please don't hate me.
It wasn't me.
I know you're looking for me.
Are you still angry?
Hugs queer folks.
We can have Uggs.
Okay, we get.
Never mind.
This guy's angry.
You angry?
Why is no one else angry?
You get me in trouble.
Get away from you know, punk, Why There's so many more sporting.
Are they all like this?
Doesn't mean they're angry at me.
Oh, yeah, That's what that means.
Why they all mad?
I didn't do anything to you.
Oh, no, This could be it.
This could be the end.
I'm in big trouble here, guys.
Oh, geez.
Long as they don't start attacking me from the back.
I think I'm okay.
They were gold swords, remember?
Oh, jeez!
Stop, lads.
I didn't mean it.
Oh, it's a massacre on absolute massacre alive when it was the gas ts is because they're jealous.
I'm taking the gassed home and not them.
It could be it.
I think if they've got their arms up, they're the ones that want to attack me.
So I think I'm safe for now.
Quite scary when that happens.
Very scary.
Hey, gas noises.
But the's pigment is still really mad at me.
Why, He's right there.
A cz.
Well, this is actually good.
Nasty boy.
Come and see the angry Pickman.
Look, come over here.
This is perfect, buddy.
What's good?
What's good?
I'm gonna bring you over.
Come here.
He took you.
It's like he wants to come in.
Oh, no.
I'm in trouble.
I'm in trouble.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
I need to get over here so quickly.
Come on.
Why didn't I think of this?
Oh, jeez.
I might feature on me.
I'm gonna delete your real bosses, right?
Do this.
Oh, no.
Oh, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
My life just flashed before my eyes.
Oh, my God.
It's quick.
Eat something.
It's on the real fast.
Hoagies hoagies My heart.
Oh, I almost died.
That was almost it.
I fell off the edge just trying to get gassed into a thing.
Please calm down.
Calm down!
Calm down.
Stop burning!
It's okay.
Oh, I get it.
How did I think that?
Your leader to save my life.
Is this going mad at me?
You good pro.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't even know where I've gone.
I'm way out.
Oh, that was terrifying.
That was almost if I didn't have my total might be dead.
I need to be super careful.
Okay, um, can you imagine with this close, literally, like three achievements away?
Maybe a little bit more, but you know what I mean?
Single digits away from complete in Minecraft and I almost died.
That would have been tragic.
Now that you like, kind of shaking Loki, that's the one thing that can really mess me over.
Is that happening?
Me forming into lava and not having a way out?
Luckily, I had me a way out.
You guys, You guys okay?
Now, have I got my comeuppance for the whole outrage thing earlier?
You sure?
Okay, now that's over.
I really didn't know what to say.
Their body, this is dangerous.
All of that was perfect as well.
It was the perfect gassed.
And now I've lost him.
Where is the act.
They all came to follow me and attack me.
Is there a chance that the Gospels went through by itself?
We actually go through here and see what happens.
I'm kind of curious if the gospel in here by itself, that would be perfect.
The gas is not here by herself of I got a map on me.
Where am I?
Okay, I'm way off.
How'd I get this far away?
Wait a second.
How is that girl's gonna fit through here?
I'm so confused.
I was gonna patch this up real quick.
I almost died.
Oh, about you.
So glad that didn't happen.
Could you imagine?
We die now.
You know, it's fine.
It didn't happen.
I had to use a totem.
No, totem.
I have been completely gone.
I have been a gonna Ah, why?
I'm just gonna fill this whole thing in so I don't try and kill myself again, and then we'll get back to the plan.
I think this whole section is now very secure.
Um, God's got away from me too.
I don't know where the other two came from, but they were aggressing on me when I was in my worst time.
That's not nice.
At least these guys are mad at me anymore.
Oh, my goodness.
I actually can't get over how I've done that.
I've managed to survive doing that for at the whole Let's play.
I haven't done it once, and the time I choose to do it is when we're almost near the end game Now.
I've been so upsetting.
Give me a skull.
Give me a scotch.
So angry.
No, Scott, that's fine.
I'll just throw your pity treasure off the edge.
There's a cast right here.
That's perfect.
Do you know Am I never portal?
Why am I on fire?
So many questions.
Are that lucky?
You know what to do, buddy.
This is playing with fire, though.
Hey, buddy, can you come here, please?
Can I fish accost?
Come on.
That was close.
Come here.
Come here.
Right now.
I got him.
Let's go.
Come over here.
Does his work?
It's still attached, bro.
Come over here.
You can do it.
God's Deepu, Where are you?
It's annoying that this is like a shelf because I made it into one.
Whether you go, I think it's underneath.
There it is.
It's stuck in there.
Isn't it?
Stuck in the lava?
Come to me.
I need your assistance, Please.
Art is one here.
This is perfect.
So perfect.
Coming up.
Come here.
Right now.
Come into the nether Poor to come here.
It just broke by the airport, so it sounded like it.
Come here.
Ah, why you going so far away?
It sounded like you broke it, but you didn't.
You're running away.
You scared?
You scared?
You actually scared?
Ah, there's so much nonsense over here.
I hate the nether.
I ain't it so much.
Oh, man.
Come get me, bro.
Come give you this play everywhere.
Would it follow me this way?
It was so close before, and then it blew it up.
I don't think I could get the fishing right that far.
It's gonna be way harder than I thought.
Come here.
If you're gonna you're gonna regress on me.
Help me out.
It disappeared in it.
It's God.
We just need to wait for the perfect gassed us born, and I don't think that's gonna happen.
So I think what happened here is it blew up the nether portal.
I made it like be destroyed, and then it relit it with its own fire.
I'm pretty sure that's what happened because you saw it smash.
You heard it smash.
And then it just didn't smash that.
That even makes sense for this, My friends, this is gonna be tough, like, really tough.
What are you doing at your mind?
Give me a sculpt.
The big three.
He, uh she looks You kidding me?
I got two skulls in, like, 10 minutes.
There's one right here.
There's a car straight.
My luck.
Come here, buddy.
Now he's destroyed on his leg again.
Buddy, come here.
I need you.
Just come this way.
I'm pretty sure he's lighting it again with the fire.
Come here.
Dayal, go away from me.
He was so close.
He spawned literally on the platform.
Come here, You another trying games come further than the platform.
And then just get him to back up into it.
I can't even shoot it because my bow is too powerful.
I think he's got underneath as well.
What do you doing to me?
How we're gonna get these in.
They always run away.
They're like deflecting my armor like magnets.
What's the word?
When they're not attracting as soon as it sees me, it floats away.
Coming up, buddy.
How are you?
You know you're gonna pay any attention to me.
Never mind.
Do you want to come for a once in a lifetime trip?
Quite literally.
Hold on.
Uh oh.
They're actually repelled out.
If you hit me, you're gonna get thorns, buddy.
Oh, my goodness.
This guy's terrifying.
He's actually really mad when they notice you, they back up.
This is gonna be, like, three times as hard is like the way I was gonna be.
Come over it.
I mean, follow me.
Don't even But in Come on, there's so much danger around here.
Why would you want to be here?
They let you try to explode us.
You're annoying.
You're so annoying.
Antes de sport.
He's gone.
I think I might have to take more crazy approach to this.
What I might have to do is goal a liter on this.
I actually might have to to get an Electra flight over to aghast.
Let it hit me.
But at least I can like Lucky boy it towards me.
A confession Because otherwise, they're just gonna keep retreating.
And I'm not gonna be able to do it.
I'm not sure how else I can achieve this.
Should we just do it?
Let's just try it.
Let's go.
Otherwise, it's gonna be, you know, it's not even worth.
Is it worth doing this?
I guess it is.
We should be able to find our way home.
Oh, great.
It's nighttime.
What are you doing here, sir?
Let's go.
We shouldn't be too far away.
I need to note down the coordinates.
I'm out of here.
That could have killed me, like, instantly.
I think things are out to get me today.
Like definitely guys.
I didn't even say goodbye to you.
I could have died.
All of you.
Listen to me.
I could have died.
It was tragic.
That was actually the scariest moment of the whole.
Let's play I'm wearing.
I preserved 50 today.
Let's go.
Episode 50 could have been the last one.
I wanted it to be the laws one for other reasons, but I don't think that's gonna happen.
We did get those two with the skulls, which is actually pretty amazing guys about here.
I'm not gonna say goodbye to you, but I'm not gonna let that happen again.
That was ridiculous.
Oh, wait.
I need a totem.
Harmon thing's gonna go on way worse, so I definitely need one of those by my side at all times.
Just think if we weren't using totems, whatever reason, the let's play would have been over.
Have been fully over twice, actually.
Now, now I'm out of here.
I found it.
I actually found it.
You know, I didn't think about how he's gonna break.
I should have mended them before coming out here.
So why am I have to do Is sleigh loaded Pigpen again just to get the experience.
Okay, I'm back to the danger whole.
What's goods?
There's aghast right there.
See, I can't fly around now.
Even though I've been back to get the stuff, The fly rounds I can't do that until I prepared these.
That's so annoying.
I've got another way.
The scale ahead, guys.
How did I get so many?
Although this guy just this guy just messed up.
You didn't see one of the big winner.
They got mad.
That's insane.
Why you It wasn't may Wait if the skeleton does it.
I get the blame.
Oh, man.
Okay, right then.
Okay, I see how it is.
I'm gonna get you guys out, then, huh?
That's what's gonna have to happen.
And it's like into That's great.
Today is the day that I die.
I think this is the day that I die.
Guys, it's out.
It's done.
I think I just made all of those pig men go through the portal.
I think that's what happened.
They're all gone.
I think they just went through the portal.
That's actually amazing.
Go through, Eyes gone.
Oh, this is great.
So if they get angry, I just need to get them to go in there.
Okay, fine.
But that means there's gonna be plenty of angry pigment on the other side when we take the gas through.
Did I just get another ideas?
That means weaken someone the weather again, and the way I want to do this is there's another way.
It's like automatically kill the weather and is by using the end.
I'm pretty sure, and it's the same technique where you can suffocate it.
But I don't think it needs any kind of interaction from you starting to push it into the ceiling.
This is trickier than I thought it was gonna be.
I thought about just with a fishing rod straight into the gas.
And then I'll be fine.
But apparently not if the skeleton to shoot the zombie pig man.
Apparently that's my fault.
No, you can't just choose to attack me for no reason.
What is going on today?
Dude, what's this?
If I get these guys to aggressive me and then try and get them to chase me through the portal, they just go straight through.
They can't run through.
For some reason, that's gonna be so many pigment on the other side.
It is un riel.
Go on, get out of here.
Be gone.
They can't walk through another portal's.
That's crazy.
Oh, never mind.
This one can never mind.
Okay, welcome to Day two of this, Gaston.
That's right.
It's taken me another day to try and do this piece of attack me.
That attack.
May I come in peace?
It's been a whole day.
You must have forgotten about it by now.
G's right.
Updates up.
Made this a little bit bigger because I feel like he's fat boys.
He disappeared.
I feel like the fat boys need a bigger portal to go through so I can hear regards.
It's over there.
I'm gonna see if I could just try and snag one.
I need to be careful because I really don't want to fool down again.
I'm almost over the fact that I lost almost everything.
Pretty much everything in the last half.
The problem with these gas is that they just avoid by a wait.
Hold on.
This guy's this guy's up for it.
Get him.
Get this man.
I want to hook him.
I don't get distracted, though, because they just, like, repel you.
For some reason, they don't come towards you.
They just kind of wait.
I just took that fireball.
That was amazing.
Yeah, they repel you, so it's super hard to get them hooked onto the flat.
Oh, my goodness.
That was close.
It's so what?
To get them hooked onto the fishing rod.
And that's my only way to get them in.
These blazes are annoying as well.
But now I just need to wait and get super aggressive with the fishing road, like really aggressive, because I just need Thio, Riel, the men I will see to make sure that he stays inside this portal for long enough.
I'll wait.
This is perfect.
All my good as please don't blame me for that pig, man.
I know you've been pretty aggressive.
No, Kamiyah, I don't want to hook that.
No, it's because they go up.
He was so close to body away about it away.
Oh, no.
This is tragic.
At least you know the gas spawn here.
That's perfect.
But trying to hook them onto Ah, a fishing rod is ridiculous.
It doesn't really go that high in the air, does it?
I can't even get it.
It's impossible.
What more does he hear you say?
You hear?
Come here.
Are now.
I'm on fire.
This is so tragic and so difficult.
This has to be one of the most difficult one.
Uh, yeah.
I just killed it.
I didn't mean to do that.
Um uh, he's coming.
He's coming over and he hasn't seen me yet.
Could this be time to grab one?
I just can't fling my fishing rod high enough.
Cunning Plan number three.
I'm gonna try and repair my Electra by mining up quartz, only wearing the Electra.
So I am risking it right now.
I'm baring it all on hoping that I don't get attacked by something.
So I do mean big trouble.
There is one coming at me right now.
I need to be careful.
This guy.
While I was repairing my Electra, I couldn't hook him.
Come down here.
Get out Said that.
I don't know what's going on.
I think he's just trying to break my thing up.
In a way.
I've got him.
Oh, come here.
Come here.
Don't kill me, bro.
Don't kill me.
I hoped him as well.
You know, punk.
Oh, I think you broke it again.
Or I take this off and put this on.
Oh, I actually hooked him.
It drags them really far.
Come here.
Come here.
Right now.
I need to not lose this.
This is the best Got so far.
The I dragged the pole.
I keep dragging the flame charge.
This is ridiculous.
And it's getting really dangerous.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
All I was doing, his mining quartz and the perfect gas comes at me.
That guy was a terror.
An absolute terror.
One earth.
I whipped him so close.
I have to corrupt these holes.
Otherwise there is potential that I almost die again, which I don't want.
Look at this danger.
Ah, man, that was so close.
That's the closest we've had so far.
But if I do hook the gassed, those things properly pop towards you.
When you bring in the fishing rods, so long as I can get one lucky Rhea, which also almost happened then I think we're onto a winner.
Guys, be.
I thought finding one of every food was pretty difficult, but the gas is teaching me otherwise.
What is even happening?
I would you the other side of the portal.
That's not even fair.
Get out of here.
Next, competitors right here.
This could be it if I can land a fishing rods.
All that was close.
If I could find a fisherman on this bad boy, this could be my one.
I can't get it up there, though it gives flying to the surface.
So I need to do this closer to the surface.
And now he's gone.
They just randomly disappear out of nowhere.
This is so horrible.
In other news, I got my wings almost up to full, which is great news.
That means I can actually fly home, all fly around and get some Goss.
But I don't know how I'm gonna do it.
Flying on operating a fishing rod ain't going to be my strongest thing.
Is it just like that?
Fully repaired wings?
That's one talking about quartz is so good for mending.
It's unreal.
I just paused my game, This gas just born in the perfect location.
But I don't know if I'm gonna about the market.
I'm gonna hook it.
I want to start again.
Oh, my goodness.
Okay, let's get Let's get up there.
Let's get up there.
There's no mess around.
I can't believe I just did that.
I hooked it perfectly.
And now he's in the ceiling.
I think they get stuck in these lava bits and dies sometimes.
You You're coming with me, Buster.
Can I hook him from here?
How far this goes?
I feel I feel like it goes far, but it actually doesn't hook him there.
Hook him, Hook him, hook him.
I got him.
I've got him coming.
Me buddy, Come with me.
I've got another one.
Let's go.
I'll just have to chain it.
Come on, then.
This is it.
This is it.
As long as he doesn't come off.
This is it.
Come on.
Come on!
Through the pontell.
Let's go through the portal.
Get through the portal, quick!
Hey, Went through.
I'm so pleased.
You just went through.
So unfortunately, we can't keep him alive.
This man has to die.
Let's shoot.
You need to do this, buddy.
This is gonna be beautiful.
Here we go.
Through the portal on the gas.
Should be waiting for us.
Possibly with loads of other crazy mobs, depending.
What time of day is?
Where is he?
A harem.
Oh, look with the pig men!
Look at a ll the pick.
And where's the cost there is.
Get him!
Get a look at this!
A gossipy Over.
Let's go!
Oh, he did it!
I can't believe these were the guys that were mad at me before.
Look at this.
This is so weird.
Dude, that was difficult.
So difficult.
Rescue regards from the nether.
Bring him safely to the world.
Then kill it.
Guys, we did it!
And now I know you're all here doing things, stuff and stuff and things are so beautiful.
I'm so glad I just got that.
You have no idea.
How do we get home for rockets are off?
And I did it and I almost died in the process.
Was it worth it?
I'm already sure.
But you know what?
We got the achieve.
My goodness, that was difficult.
So that's the strata.
You gotta wait for a gas to spawn in, like on the surface, I guess.
And then you just got to get lucky.
That's the first.
Then you just need to change fishing with him because they go really far on the fishing rod, like, seriously, far.
So that's how you do that.
That must be quite a new achievement, cause you never used to be able to make never portals that were bigger than the standard size.
Obviously aghast won't fit through it.
That took some blood, sweat and tears that almost died by falling in the nether lava.
That's probably one of the only ways I was sure fire going to die because I'm pretty much immune to everything else.
And it almost happened.
Turns out I'm immune to that, too, thanks to the elite Tre thank goodness for the Electra.
But I'm so glad that I'm alive.
Could still wear my Peppa pig shirt with pride on where a couple more achievements closer to being out to complete the game.
I don't know what to say.
We're so, so close.
This took me a while to do, but it just need that one lucky gas born and we've made it home.
At least we have that now as well as before.
I want to go straight to another fortress.
I know exactly where to go.
Careful now.
Careful now.
Let's not get too crazy on last.
I made it, guys, I made it.
You have no idea where I've been, but I made it.
I'm named dog.
Oh, I still don't have a name tag for you.
Oh, I need to show you something.
It's pretty embarrassing, actually.
So I went in here to see if I just had a name tag lying around and I forgot about it.
Look at his book has piercing three pacing three.
That is what we tried to find last time through the villages.
Luckily, the villages didn't take long, but my goodness, that's embarrassing.
isn't it?
It was already there the whole time.
Ah, never mind.
Never mind.
Mistakes were made, right?
Let me pull this stuff back.
And then we'll see if it was some time for a couple extra bits today, three with the skulls.
Still got some obsidian leftover as well.
Today is a great day.
A fantastic day.
Progress has been made, my friends.
Is that a complete page?
Here are every potion effect applied at the same time.
That's gonna be hard.
The end is done.
Have a husbandry is almost done.
Minecraft is done.
We only need four more of these.
If we can figure out which these are, we might as well just clean that up today as well.
Are you know what we do need to eat a poisonous potato.
Now a poisonous potato is really hard to get ahold of.
You could get it from killing zombies or has a 2% chance of dropping one from potatoes.
That's insane, right?
These are potatoes?
I believe so.
Let's try and get a poisonous one, shall we?
2% chance if we mine up.
Ah, 100 of these odds are we get one.
I've just found one.
I didn't realize it was gonna be that quick.
We found the poison's Protect my friends, and we're gonna eat it.
I saw it.
There it is, boys.
It is potato.
It looks absolutely disgusting.
I'm gonna eat it.
I know what happens.
Don't die or something.
Here we go.
Let's eat the potato.
Oh, we appeared to have survived.
We one of the lucky ones.
Are we blessed?
I think we're blessed.
That should definitely be another one.
Three to go.
What are they?
I think it might be wrong mutton, but I don't think they have any raw foods.
We've done the A ll.
The weird ones, I think.
And with the negative ones, I'm pretty sure we've done
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Something BAD HAPPENED in Minecraft Hardcore!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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