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Hello guys, welcome to another episode of
TwoSet Violin.
How are y'all during this crisis situation?
Hope everyone is okay, staying home.
Today we have a really...
Annoying episode where ads...
Just keep going...
Ads that promote fake playing.
This app is called... What is it?
Let's let the ad speak for itself.
- I love how they just add that right there. - Simply piano.
Yeah, including the piano.
Can I just say too, I love whoever uploaded this ad,
like the screen recording, called it...
That's not even from us.
That looks a bit green screen, no?
Yes, something looks dodgy.
It doesn't look right.
Just like the acting, doesn't look right.
From what I'm seeing, they're basically trying to appeal
to the insecurity of parents.
Yeah, that their kid hasn't made it yet.
Yeah, cause they want to feel like their...
Kid is more superior and talented.
I feel like the ad director put in that sound to like...
Hypnotize us the viewers, it's like...
How nice...
Buy the app.
More like...
And look, if you really wanted to brag about your kid,
you would send them to music lessons anyway.
Did you think this app is gonna help your kid sound
better than Ling Ling,
who is getting professional lessons every week?
40 hours a day.
There's more, actually...
Oh, there's more?
There's more ads.
I guess they're going for the fun angle this time.
They're trying to hit every target market.
Well, there's more.
- Just wait. There's more. - Dude, these marketers are savage.
They're going all angles.
You are selling it.
She got paid...
- To... - To...
Make an ad pretending that...
It's not an ad.
I really like this TwoSet Apparel shirt.
TwoSet Apparel, you guys should really sponsor us.
Oh, yeah, TwoSet -
We really like this shirt.
Please sponsor me for this.
To me, it's not so much that
what's happening on screen is not feasible.
It's more just...
Blatantly scripted everything is, yet, how...
- And like the - Just - - How - Yeah, they tried to pretend to be so...
What's the word? Authentic.
It's authentic. Yeah.
I remember the next one was really cringe.
Oh my god...
Oh wow...
- Like it's so fake... - The fact that they went for it.
But it's so fake that I'm almost impressed.
I feel like...
They're marketing Simply Piano as a...
Substitute parent.
I can't parent my kid properly and
make him do beneficial things.
But now he's gonna discover this app
and now he'll just improve by himself and
I don't have to deal with them.
Is Simply Piano trying to
- diss the whole video game market? - Yeah, like excuse me...
It's called e-sports.
I don't know man, I feel like some video games would...
Develop your brain more than Simply Piano.
And manuscripts will suffice.
- Just get a manuscript. - Get a manuscript.
It's gonna hurt the kid's eyes, if anything.
Just get the manuscript.
Look, I get it. It's an ad.
At the end of the day, ads are designed to sell.
But this is like...
It's borderline emotionally manipulative.
but in a way where it's like...
It's also so blatant.
I grew up depressed...
And sad...
I didn't have any friends.
But then I started wearing TwoSet Apparel.
All my friends are also wearing TwoSet Apparel.
And so we all became friends and bonded over...
A shared...
Shared cotton.
Oh wait, what's this?
The mother in this ad who's also heartfelt...
Is actually an actor as she appeared in a different ad.
If you manage a team you have to try Monday.com.
- Everything– They're paid actors. They're all... - This is bullsh**.
- They don't actually use the product. - Scripts.
They're all scripted and they're just saying it.
She - That's probably not even her kid.
She probably never used the app before
and she was given a script.
Monday.com is a platform to track everything
your team is working on.
We use it for all of our projects,
marketing, product development,
HR, creative production.
My script says marketing, HR...
Marketing, HR, it's so good.
I love Monday.com because it's totally customizable and
that's something I couldn't find in
any other management tool.
How many project management softwares
have you used?
Ms. uh...
Mother of child.
I thought you're busy parenting.
This is a whole roast video.
I know, this became a video...
I was like, f*** it, we're going there.
Here's another girl like trying to make it look candid.
- Yeah. - And like real life selfie style.
We see what you're doing there.
Oh just like slip that in...
Because - She like - She's just -
Someone's just gonna like -
This is like, you know when you meet someone...
And they're like trying -
- You're just having a conversation. - Trying to show off...
- Yeah. - They just can't help but slip in like...
Oh, you got back pain?
Yeah. I also got back pains when I deadlifted 200 kilos.
- Yeah... - More like the... You know?
That people that do that?
- Wow! - Wow!
Ladies and gentlemen...
10-year-old on the piano.
They say if you blink over 5 times in one go...
There's 99% chance you're making it up.
Claire Connor on the piano!
How do you - How do you let an app judge...
How you play, like...
How is that - There's no way the app is
listening to you for correct notes.
How's the app gonna measure your tone quality?
Well, it's a keyboard, so...
That's true.
- Maybe that's why the ads are all keyboards. - Yeah, it's like, "yeah! consistent!"
Since when did kid think things are impossible?
Yeah, whoever wrote that script messed up.
Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.
I think every kid has a creative...
Freedom more so than most of us.
- Yeah. No kid would say that. - No kid would be like...
"That is impossible."
How does the kid even know it's impossible?
Kid probably like, "I want to do it."
- "I want to learn it." - Yeah.
- Anything is possible as a kid. - Good point.
Oh, they are trying to say like sheet music is harder
- And then this app is compatible - How to read - - Gonna teach you to...
Why don't you just start with sheet music?
I really love my mom...
They have not once mentioned
what the features of the app are.
What's the interface like?
How are they teaching people to play?
They don't mention any of it. They're like...
"I love my mom."
Yeah, it's sheet music on the app anyway.
How does she learn to do it?
And how annoying would it be to like restart it again
and go back to the beginning.
- Tsk. - Tsk.
- God damn it. - Tsk.
Yeah, bonus!
Alright, this one is not Simply Piano.
But it's another app that's...
Claims to teach how to learn an instrument.
And yeah, let's watch it.
Dude, that violin is photoshopped.
I know.
- It's floating on the table. - Looks so confusing right now.
They couldn't even afford to get a violin?
Yeah, they're MIDI, guys.
That is the worst MIDI I have heard in my life.
So bad...
It's too fast for Meditation.
Too fast.
*Humming music*
Not a good start.
How does virtual reality help you play violin again?
Imagine putting on those goggles,
so you can't see what your hands are doing.
- Oh my god... - That's not virtual reality.
- What is that thing? Yeah. - That's piano tiles.
I've never heard any violinist refer to it as left fingers.
- It's left hand. Yeah. - Left hand.
And also the notation is a bit weird.
Yeah, why is it...
Da - da - da - da! da - da - da -
Like why is there a down bow there?
It's all wrong.
Dude! This is Brahms' Lullaby!
Dude, that's also wrong, the simulation...
The virtual reality is wrong.
The bow's too close to the fingerboard on the E string.
It's gonna crunch.
- They use like this much bow for the... - I know.
- Da da da dun dun dun dun. - Top D.
Use the whole bow, oh my god.
Oh, wow, oh, wow, cause...
Changing the angles really gives you
the better perspective.
It gives me a better perspective of
how wrong the simulation is.
The bow's not...
Look at the bow, look how short the bow is.
The bow should be on the left side.
No beginner's gonna learn that.
Yeah, that piece, on the left by Bach...
I guarantee you need at least 4, 5 years.
The notation clef here...
- It's completely wrong. - In the background, it's going the wrong way.
Oh my god.
Any teacher that uses this...
I want to talk to you and be like...
How are you doing? Are you okay?
It's just preying on people that don't
understand what learning music instrument is like.
I think...
If you can afford...
Maybe just...
Four lessons...
Just to get you started, get you set up.
And then just in your own time,
download free sheet music online...
- And then just try it. Yeah. - And just play.
And if you need help, always then...
Go to a teacher after a while. You don't have to go...
- Every week. - Yeah.
It's gonna give you so much more returns than...
Using some app.
It's basically sheet music...
- But on an iPad and it scrolls. Yeah. - You're actually spending more money as well.
And think about it, you don't want your kid...
Having the wrong start.
Realistically, a kid...
On an iPad, dude...
You think the kid's gonna stay on that Simply Piano app?
- Yeah... - They're - Two clicks and they're on Angry Birds
or on Candy Crush.
Alright, on that note...
We hope we've made enough warning signs, guys.
Please like and subscribe.
Please share this to someone that you think might need
to get educated for quick update.
And thank you once again.
Keep practicing. We'll see you guys next time.
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Simply Cringy Ads Are Back

17 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on March 31, 2020
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