B1 Intermediate US 13 Folder Collection
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Why did do vendor crew my wife he's been up for 20 hours they still put in the work for you people
It's currently 1:40 in the morning. Yeah, it's ridiculous 1:40. You hear that I?
Remember at my productions
We have an ASMR revenge assignment Instagram era productions or on Twitter at Mira product one and tell them your spiel. I am an wheezy
I should get other platforms. But hey Jim, I don't you can hand my Talia's a NW
Y and can't cash that is for hard of hearing today read stuff, please or I can get you hooked on phonics
Everyone you invited for them. We can't afford it. So little TECA and
Abel you with the city I don't like everybody's music. I don't find the appeal of it
You really have like we tried to listen to it and you're just not now Ivan. Now, there's a full album of it
I went through his eyes up and tried little tech. I actually like but he got told that hot water
Here's a song Conrad somebody's talking about her kidnapping for this and that and he would cause my look like you're not get yours
Your ass crying 11 year olds not gonna happen
internet money iPad
So let's check it out. She's ready to go. She's tired. Let's do this internet money somebody
Oh wait, this is somebody did artists
Everybody who's the artist? Sorry somebody you didn't know
Why you jacket study check-ins Freddie till he rolled I got all these bitches love
You just little bitty better boat. Am I just
Some body body to shimmy her some body body and I like
You think look that we've got a very distinct voice and I like it
I just want some body body
To treat me like some body body
And I like any body body. All you gotta do is love me for me
All you gotta do is love me for me
Just hope they don't fuck our girlfriends true
I'm sicker. I can like everything's okay when he's not good nod is everybody on a pizza forever making hip-hop?
And I like anybody
Party, all you gotta do is love me for me. I just want somebody to
cheat us
The concept of the video so I'm a big fan you gotta do is love me from a boogie was useless
I have to say so good
That was just my favorite, but I do love the hook like it made me Bobby little tip. Is that here a ransom?
No, I haven't you should he's dope. He's got good. That joint is was good. And this was good
She's got great Turner's and once the melody is really good. What was a bookies point?
Why was he there but I don't worry buddy. I have to give you know, a B+ any like it's not no it's dope
he's the virus at a party, especially if you
Chopping it up with like a you trying to the house
This is a good joint or in the car. Got a vibrant driving. This is a good joint to play
I'm an be miraculous for last 4 minutes and 38 48 seconds 40 50
Why would you hit the subscribe button? Is it your best and ours? Okay. Are we ready? Assume our adventures? Let us know
What other one wait let us know what a bug is good crews now, but I want to hear all the a boogie fans
Please I just like his name. Hey buddies the dope name but like
We big binder glass. I'm gonna look at
Some of the comments below what a but you saw the worthless review, what do you think a little tacky?
Give us other songs the hints to review and thanks for hitting that button. We're seeing it for you
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13 Folder Collection
M Ary Jane published on March 30, 2020
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