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  • This is the lock picking lawyer and welcome to part three of our video, Siri's Where with Bosnian Bill, we are building a disc detainer lock pick.

  • Today we are going to be starting on.

  • The tensioning knows which is going to provide a few challenges.

  • The first is that we can't build this out of brass.

  • In the past, I have tried building them out of stainless steel and that turned out to be too soft.

  • So what I was thinking is we can make this out of tool steel.

  • I have some downstairs that is a kneeled.

  • You can do all of our miss sheeting and then harden it.

  • How's that sound, Bill?

  • It sounds good to me.

  • I'm like you.

  • I've had a lot of failures with I mean, you think stainless steel is as tough as woodpecker lips, But when you start making these thin little prongs and applying talk to them, they tend to bend and break fairly easily.

  • So I think tool steals the perfect choice.

  • One other thing we discussed that will help make this a little bit stronger, and that is three dimensions.

  • These little problems, we're going to make them about 3.5 millimetres long.

  • Now, I have encountered locks in the past that require a little bit more than that, but they're not very common.

  • So I think making the problem's a little bit shorter will give us that extra bit of length.

  • Of course, we're gonna have that 20 millimeters of reach that we discussed before and looking at this, this center section we have about 8.5 millimeters of depth that this will reach into the center said, Clamp it in there so it shouldn't be that hard to make.

  • The only thing I'm concerned about is drilling a really tiny hole all the way through a piece of tool steel.

  • Well, weaken again.

  • I've run into problems with that, too.

  • Why don't we drill roughly half of the way through one side and then flip it over and drilling on the other side?

  • And when they match up will have a good idea of how closely they're centered to each other.

  • Makes sense.

  • Let's head down there and give it a shot.

  • All right?

  • With you.

  • Okay.

  • Okay, folks, we are back, and it took a little bit longer than we were expecting.

  • because this is thesis part we made It turns out, the 1st 1 I got a little bit happy with the hand crank and made that journal that fits inside the center section a little bit too small.

  • So once we actually got the dimensions right, this came together pretty well.

  • This is made out of W one tool steel.

  • And after we machined everything out, we hardened and tempered it.

  • Which, by the way, got Bill kicked out of my house by my wife More than more than kicked out.

  • I was actually chased down the block.

  • It turns out she doesn't like Bill using her toaster too hard to heat treat metal.

  • I did, I guess.

  • Seemed like a like a good thing to Dio.

  • I'm surprised you let me back in here.

  • Well, that's why we use the back door and I keep your voice down.

  • So we, uh we made a couple of changes to this as we were going along all the dimensions or what we expected.

  • But we did add some flats too.

  • That journal and those flats are designed to be engaged by the handles that will go into the center section.

  • Hopefully hold it steady and also keep it from rotating.

  • I think it's a good change.

  • Yeah, I think that will work out.

  • Okay, So the next challenge would be Think the handle the handles.

  • All right?

  • Yeah.

  • Let's take a day off.

  • Let's put some thought into this one.

  • Thought I thought we decided we're just gonna cut metal.

  • Let's pay somebody.

  • Let's ask your wife to put some thought into it.

  • Well, she's the thinker in the family in mind as well.

  • Fine.

  • We'll be back, guys.

This is the lock picking lawyer and welcome to part three of our video, Siri's Where with Bosnian Bill, we are building a disc detainer lock pick.

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[825] Disc Detainer Pick Build (Part 3) - Featuring BosnianBill

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/30
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