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  • the way the Ninja Turtles should have been.

  • And a loaf of bread who can't believe you sliced him.

  • It's Episode 22 off I M G Oh, hi!

  • Can we have a talk?

  • This cloud looks like a dinosaur.

  • This one's a fish.

  • This one is the Grim Reaper.

  • We've got a dog and eagle and a skater on 1/2 pipe gift break.

  • Cool, Cool.

  • Wait, What's wrong with her pinky?

  • And when Kim Kardashians sits?

  • Yeah, But 60 years ago, women knew the real secret Russia crocodile's teeth, though.

  • Let's be serious.

  • The key to my heart is floppy disks.

  • Woody.

  • No, no, no, no, Don't any ideas.

  • He's just a puppy.

  • Oh, no.

  • For this week's montage, I don't know.

  • Let's do Asians who look like cats.

  • Sorry.

  • No, no, no, no.

  • How about cats who look like Asians?

  • Screw it.

  • Let's do babies being thrown in the air, a pixellated orca whale sculpture in Vancouver.

  • And don't let go.

  • I don't wanna be used on a but here's a house warped and modified by an artist into a dizzying vortex of doom.

  • And in the UK, the weather harasses you.

  • Check out the arrows well, Don't worry, she loves it.

  • Stormtroopers 3 65 was a project that gave us a new action figure seen every day for a year.

  • They play Scrabble, taming Yoshi for Reek Out and become Hot Dogs and the right place ads could be awesome.

  • Here's an actual screen shot from man smears.

  • Feces on lawyer Flings it a jerk, and this is the ad that showed up next to it.

  • But this ad on a four Children Barbie site well, the only combo better is one that happens offline.

  • Gigi.

  • Birthday cakes are awesome, but now actual super nerd wedding cakes Mario and the Princess Apple coding with complimentary USB cupcakes and a companion cube.

  • You don't have to murder unless eating it counts.

  • Or look, thanks to the geniuses at reddit dot com.

  • Eat some pizza, art black, all of Darth Vader, Green bell pepper, Yoda, Ah, heart some kiddies or just rearranged the normal triangles.

  • You get into a shark on Facebook.

  • Jonathan showed us brilliant wanted post replacement, and Tim Ryan warned us to recycle or else nature will fight back.

  • But I leave you today with arrested development paper dolls.

  • If you could dress somebody up any way you want it.

  • Who would you pick and what would you make them wear?

  • Put your answers below and I will pick my favorites, photoshopped them up myself and then show him off and shout you out In the next episode of I m.

  • G.

  • So did commenting and, as always, thanks for watching.

the way the Ninja Turtles should have been.

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THROW BABIES !!! .... IMG! #22

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/30
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