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  • the sauce.

  • Michel here, coming today from a hotel in Amsterdam.

  • I'm speaking at the YouTube Road show here on Friday and Jake and I just got in this morning, but I couldn't resist.

  • I'm putting this video together before I go to bed.

  • I've got travel info and some things you could do online.

  • Now, guys, it's Dong meets a real life first on the plane over here, I found that the bathroom does not allow you to flush squares, triangles or circles.

  • But that was OK because luckily I put Trap is Lloyd's.

  • Next Jake and I brushed up on our Dutch history.

  • Here is an original Rembrandt, very beautiful and very much a guy with his head cut open so his brain could be played with.

  • It might seem gross, but it's doing stuff like that that put their physicians centuries ahead of their time.

  • Look, here's Jake waiting for a Chinese massage.

  • Just kidding.

  • What he really wants is a Dong Fang thes are some leather shoes found buried in Amsterdam, born more than 600 years ago, and these are my sweet new kicks, as well as Amsterdam's very last execution Blade actually used for cutting people's heads off in public from the mid 17 hundreds.

  • Now, if that's too much cool down with some interactive illusion sites, Sites like these allow you to see how perception tricks work.

  • For instance, squares getting darker based on their surroundings, even if they actually match.

  • Now this is one of my favorites.

  • You can check out things like the famous tabletop illusion.

  • Both tabletops are the exact same shape.

  • Don't believe me.

  • We'll click.

  • Show me.

  • The site also has parallel lines.

  • You can war as well as my favorite, this color, and this color looks like blue and yellow, but they are the exact same.

  • Your brain plays tricks on you by determining what color it thinks it's looking at by looking at context and surroundings, even though the light hitting your retina is gray in both cases, now be sure to check out this other site where, for instance, you can investigate dollies.

  • Naked woman painting that from far away is Abraham Lincoln.

  • Seriously mouse over the painting to blur it and see the truth back to Amsterdam.

  • Here is a hog slaughtered in the open and some kids making a fun toy balloon out of its bladder.

  • Tomorrow I'm gonna go out and see where I can get my very young pig P sac ball.

  • But until then, be sure to check out this site suggested by Cab Booga.

  • You may have seen it before, but it takes a sentence.

  • You write and finds popular song lyrics to say it for you.

  • It doesn't have enough words yet, so be sure to help out and contribute.

  • Let me show you an example.

  • Keep the suggestions coming.

  • I've already got a lot of YouTube.

  • Message is full of great stuff from you guys that I can't wait to share.

  • I'm gonna be a little bit busy in the next few days, But be sure to subscribe to V sauce if you're awesome.

  • And how could I forget this Theo Jake?

  • It couldn't help but notice that your coffee it's a lot smaller than mine.

  • It's the European way.

the sauce.

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