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  • you guys were 19.

  • It's fun to get lined up to see the booth.

  • Little Way got pieces on the face that's kind of very sexy, filled by grungy, sexy black or rely on the inside.

  • The on a black eye shadow just outside right between the lashes.

  • Smudge effective, beautiful, glowing skin nips.

  • And then some girls are having a deep red.

  • They were absolutely gorgeous.

  • Rebellious.

  • My name's Edward.

  • As Donatella said when we were working on the collection.

  • Grunge isn't just about the images about the attitude is.

  • Well, the T shirt is again like a really big part of the collection in Sensor.

  • It's our collaboration with the Richard Avedon foundations, lots of iconic metal elements in the collection as well.

  • It's really kind of being tapping back into this kind of like iconic metal hardware that has made the brands so well known so powerful.

  • The safety pin for us is a big, big symbol.

  • Process of Bigger has a lot of meaning in many ways, Donatella.

  • Instead, he knows who she wants in it, and when we kind of do our kind of looks during the run up to the show, we already have the girls kind of selected in our minds.

  • It's our moment to kind of really give the dresses that personality tomorrow on.

  • The casting director for such a is a strong casting the Nutella wants, and I think it's part of the signature of the brand.

  • It's a mix of like beauties, personalities, and it's a mix of, like every other such goals from, like You Can Swan kinda tg to show him how long.

  • One of the most iconic woman of the satchel Stephanie, I mean, who wouldn't want to do the first show again?

  • After 20 years, I never did shows until I started for Sergey shows on.

  • They were always really fun.

  • Then backstage was really fun, and the girls would all give me lessons because they knew that I had no idea.

you guys were 19.

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