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  • Hey, I'm Nikki and here is a random color dot com, But why not tight with some gum?

  • So you control on some more dogs, Things you can do online now, guys Agger dot io is a very popular game where you're a block, you eat smaller blocks, which makes you become a bigger blob, which slows you down.

  • Who, spider.

  • There are so many games on the Web, but what about on your phone?

  • Or both?

  • Play video games on your computer while using your smartphone as a controller on air consul dot com.

  • They have a small library of games with an additional any s emulator, where you can drag and drop in any any s Ron you like to play now that I'm out of lies, let's go to the museum, shall we?

  • But I can't.

  • It's closed or it's in another state.

  • Well, now you can virtually browse the entire Museum of Natural History.

  • In this virtual tour, you can go in every hall book it displays up close, go outside of the museum, hang out in the cafe or even browse the gift shop.

  • Hello, I'd like to buy this.

  • Let's head to the aquarium now shall we?

  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a webcam in their one million gallon tank with plenty of sea creatures like hammerhead sharks and sea turtles.

  • Now let's take the secret door.

  • I have no idea where I am.

  • It appears to be inside of a Dolich in a clothing store.

  • This site will randomly take you to a place in the world using Google Maps Street View.

  • Hold on, I'm getting a text and I'll answer it later.

  • But I sure way too long I should wait.

  • The right amount text war dot com will determine how long to respond to your person of interest based on a series of questions.

  • How good looking at my, um, all not Greek, but close enough since I have time to spare.

  • What's your favorite Pokemon?

  • This site will narrow down your top favorite pocket monsters by choosing either of the two.

  • Once you click 718 times and you finally got charm and er, let's place our bet on tonight's movie, Netflix Roulette will pick your next movie based on your filters like rating director and actors from or gambling.

  • There's also wicky roulette, a sight that will randomly show you an image from Wikipedia and you have the guests where it's from.

  • Yes, I got a right.

  • No need to pat myself on the back.

  • This website will flatter you through your fabulous What fun is that?

  • My father's dot com allows you to submit a picture, and it will help narrow down What fun is being used.

  • Now that I have the perfect fodder for my new Jiff, I think I'll get it printed using lenticular printing.

  • Jif Pop will print your gift in a variety of sizes, the perfect gift giving gift or Jif entering dimensions for any object on Templin Maker.

  • And it will help you print out your box template to fit all of your oddly shaped presence for me because it's my birthday.

  • Okay, I lied, but birthday scan dot com tells you interesting things about your day like the week day of your birth or how old you are in days, or how long your hair would be.

  • You never cut it or the approximation of when your parents did the deed.

  • All right, I'm gonna leave you with a fun tool that lets you manipulate a three D object by adjusting things like the sign multiplier, Coast power and riches to create a unique shape.

  • Links to all dogs could be found in the discussion below.

  • I'm Nikki and, as always, thanks for watching.

Hey, I'm Nikki and here is a random color dot com, But why not tight with some gum?

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