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Well, Carrie, this is a miracle of technology that you and I have managed to get.
This work is a part of me.
Hopes there's an outtakes of the last two hours of trying to get a you like me.
Is this not your forte?
This is not my forte.
Needed his patients all time to get to the bottom of this.
And there is no, as you say, my fault.
But we've got there in the end with the help of needles, that something's broken.
Border, this said, is that What is it this thing, that skylight or something I've got here on the left.
So it's not only equipment yet, so basically, what we're saying is, you're doing you're not paying your daughter.
May my son Jack of sorted it.
So the oldies have got no jobs.
I'll speak in, Actually, in terms of the situation that everybody is in the moment, grown a virus wise.
Yeah, well, we will appreciate what good lives we've got, but you've got a wife who's a fantastic singer, a door through to entertain a great piano player on the son that you could nip in the back garden.
Never gave a footy with.
So compared to most, that's not bad.
You're locked down.
Is it?
Yeah, we have mean too bad, obviously.
We're looking at a nice guy in the back.
I'm sure even see it.
This is the only position I could charge me forward and do everything that I needed to do.
So I'm not trying to get the guy named Bob yet, but let's move very fortunate, you know, being for so many families as well on, Dhe said.
We were fortunate.
A nice family time together too often.
Now I think all wasn't I was so busy a different time.
So it is nice to almost have a a recess, if you like with your family, and make sure that we try and use this time as well as they possibly can be.
It's a difficult time for everyone at this moment with by force has really affected, our show has said, trying to use the times good as we can.
Well, I use some of my time yesterday to catch up with your buddy Gene.
If on Dhe come in the night, the nation could do with a bit of a bit of a bit of human, a bit of light heartedness.
I thought the best thing to do to cheer everybody up was to ask him about his time, that Valencia, because I know that also makes you chuckle.
But actually, I mean, it will be going up later today.
You'll be able to see really, really interesting.
Brutally honest.
Talked about the mistakes he made, He said, I should never have taken the job is in itself a brutally honest I took the job because of my own ego.
Think I could just walk into it and you're just a litany of mistakes the way we and he was saying things again.
You know as well as I do, saying things like I wasn't direct enough.
I didn't wasn't decisive in decision.
It was a complete personality change.
He said.
He would never, ever become a manager again.
So it got me thinking, and that's a question that you've been asked before.
And I don't know if it's something that you regularly visit in your mind but even know asking, will you or when you?
But when you think about the possibility of yourself becoming a manager or a coach, what do you think of what your first thoughts buffets?
Thoughts when it went off.
When I think of myself, maybe going into management sort of felt I was thinking about 10 or 15 years ago would be possibly hassle.
Really, I used to look at it and just think sometimes is it where everything you go through?
I always remember generally a saying to not to may, to to a group of players saying, In management, You're looking if you have 10 moments when you look back and think, Wow, if that means you're a top manager.
If you have those type of moments and and it's it's very difficult to have those mortars, a manager and so much passion and stress along the way, just just waiting for that moment at the end of the season, maybe a toll field promotion, whatever it may be a lot of time for manages, it doesn't call, Really, I think for manages there's a lot of there's a lot of what we don't see.
I think there's a there's an active managers and rightly so press conferences, speaking to players I don't ever know, think that themselves that often really gotta play the actor all the time on DDE.
That must be really, really difficult speaking to players and try to get played on Saturday.
You probably possibly don't Wraith or you don't like trying to get an agent on side to side of play.
But if we don't like it, it's all this constant putting this act on putting this performance on managing people on DDE.
I'm just not sure if I would be cut out for that.
I don't really like people act into me or me being like that.
I am Venit straight with people, and I just think sometimes our manager, you have to be like that really Intel players.
Sometimes what they wanna hear, know the truth on I'm not sure I would be a court out for money, as many people think I would be.
I mean, I'm always Axtell seeing you'd be a manager.
Even former cultures and managers have had.
I'm seeing you do this and do that now that that's not gonna happen.
But I do sometimes think it's probably best I've stayed away from it.
Is that part of you, though that would like to test yourself?
I mean, whether or not that's the ego that Gary was talking about yesterday in his particular circumstances.
You know, you're all different individuals, but is there a part of you that would like having been in football all of your life?
Is that is there?
It's like a tiny it to remain a big it's that you need to scratch.
And I think that's a big problem for managers.
I think that's a big problem for manners.
You have been sacked in a job and they then I've got this massive it should have to scratch.
It's almost like they gotta prove them said yes, they want to prove the press or the people wrong, that the eye good managers.
But it's almost to prove it to themselves and those that relief think when they do a good job or the job's over and it's gone quite well, it's all relaxed and in some ways and say OK, I have proven myself as a mind that yet on sometimes I look at someone who's had a brilliant football career and you got in somewhere within the fish job, with well for a number of different reasons.
On it's like I pay, for example, is teary on Bree.
Syrian Army is the best player to ever play in the Premier League.
Is one of the Whale Corp.
There's nothing.
There's nothing he hasn't done.
So I mean, what a creative off.
Gonna be so proud off.
But then it goes into managing.
It doesn't go well at Monaco for three months, you know?
I mean, you can't really do that job in three months, but I could see the H whenever sort he had long after.
Don't you see the embarrassment on his face?
Because he didn't come back to sky, But he pop into the studio now and again with national games.
If you don't feel he was a little bit embarrassed, but I was gonna Monica will try and tell you the reasons or what?
The reasons excuses, that's what people have to do, is manages.
It just eats them all.
And he's now took a job in the molester.
Think Yeah, Andi, I think that started quite well and good look, too, and, you know, why should he had only started the top?
It's great that, you know, starting a league that he knows as well having a second job there, but I could almost imagine teary, possibly struggling to sleep in on his mind constantly.
I've got I've got a wrong this, right?
I've got to right this wrong because that the Monaco so forget I've won the whale called Forget one of the last Forget I'm the best Premier League player of all time.
Three months at Monaco was probably consumed in that much that has possibly forced them to go to the Analects.
Maybe moved away from his family all to prove that he can be a marriage and he wants to manage in the future.
And sometimes I'll look at that.
I'm just not prepared.
T let management take all my life.
Football at times takes all my life, but I think there's a difference.
I think management.
Sometimes you can take over your life and it can be unhealthy in some ways.
I think for me at the moment football is a massive part of my life.
Possibly if you actually what if she would say took over me life But that's that's nothing new.
There's so many good things that I love about the job that I do now, and I just think to be honest, I think I've got one of the best jobs on TV and be absolutely stupid to take a job, lower down divisions and divisions.
I don't know.
To try improve.
I could be amount of new Montana proved to myself, or try and prove it to everyone out there Who says, Oh, it's easy job on, Sit on the couch in upon the kid That's easy.
Took the easy option.
I never took the easy option.
What does a manager do when he gets sacked?
Face Thing he does is trying to touch with sky and see if you can get on on the TV, the time for himself out there to get a new job.
Lots of them.
Come on.
But the hole plus several.
Okay, someone decent.
But just because just because you're good put it as probably God, he's proven, if you like, doesn't mean you're gonna be a great manager because you're a great manager doesn't mean you've reported it completely different.
Even though we're speaking about football and you know what I am doing?
Debate tactics.
We talked about all these different things.
There's no guarantee that you can go from one job to do that.
Is there any part off the fear of failure as well?
Makes up your mind not to be a manager, that's all.
Uh, this is what I say.
I had a good career once.
I had a great company.
Listen, even look what everyone would say.
How good their own career.
Waas If you like the saintly hundreds of players who are better careers, the mayor is probably very fortunate.
I have probably better clear the place and lower leagues or whatever, So I got a lot to lose.
I mean, I'm I'm not sure, e I think your football career is always there.
Anyone's really, ever gonna forget that in teams of believing in terms of the getaway for Major if you can't take you, By the way, you have a fabulous career, a fabulous career that many, many many would envy, and but it doesn't take that away.
But you're the way you played.
The game, as in any professional football, is about being a winner, playing at the top level, going out, keeping your place in the team, you know, keeping that being in the England squad or whatever.
I'm asking, Do you think maybe feet for you and other players as well.
There's a path of them.
The the thought of it not working out the thought of failure puts them off doing it.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
Put me off if I'm being totally honest.
But it is something you look at.
I do think some sounds.
The ridicule of managers is.
Is the sculpture that disgraceful?
Sometimes you see the way people talk about them, as if they haven't got a clue about what to do.
And it almost feels like unless you become Alex Ferguson, pet quality all the year in clock, your failure.
Whether so, money managers in the Premier League maybe never want nothing but the guy, Probably three or four Premier Li jobs.
If you're managing the perimeter with three or four different teams, I think you've got a very good family.
You have a very good managerial.
I think it's really well, you know, that's the top level on.
It's like almost saying Well, because I wasn't power Maldini.
It means my creators with me nothing, nothing.
It's not like that.
It's you know, I think that sometimes I look a lot that manager so manages so many managers they disrespected because our more t bone, anything below the job, that they are difficult, safe.
We got them, you know?
And I think sometimes that is gonna dismiss the little bit when we talk about manages, really, But in terms of feet, if only I had a big fear of failure is a player and that's what drove me on.
I do.
If I became a manager that I would have the fear faith again.
That would drive me Thio, meet me a better manager and maybe make me successful.
But you're also worry about what it would do to my life and the people around me because I could really, really get, you know, emotional about football still do.
But as a player, when it really, really means something to you being at the home club all the time.
But I suppose if I went to Liverpool I'm not quite in any capacity on you have that emotion involved.
Sometimes individuals go again shit.
It's very difficult to wear to handle.
Do you think I ages possibly a factor as well In the To be a top athlete, you have to be selfish selfish is may be the wrong word, but you have to make decisions based around you and your peak performance forest long as possible.
So there were times where your family didn't see you or you have to put yourself for Sophie.
There's also part that you think you owe your family some of your time because you missed so much while she was a pro.
I think that's definitely something when when you finish finish, I think the family almost get a little bit excited.
Think all we can do this and that, and you know, we could go on longer holidays or we could go away Christmas.
And don't get me wrong for the first couple of years back to great book, you get back into duty on routine for most people is you know, you get up, you got somewhere to go tonight.
Mine is now Skye, you still talking the kids off at school or football or dance.
The waves about interior stop so the whole whale doesn't solve the stock because I stopped playing football.
It's like we've got this fantastic like I mean, I think some players do that where the almost retire at 35 36 they go away for four or five before you know what the But you can't live like that.
That's not life.
So listen, I don't get you don't understand these things to enjoy the Campbell.
Eventually get back into the rhythm of your life and how it goes.
But after a while, the family have had enough of yours.
Worlds they wouldn't was worth.
What do you make off?
What does it tell us if you think about your contemporaries, probably more from England, than a club level that have become managers and those that haven't the numbers that have the numbers that stayed in the game and the ones that have become managers?
I mean, the obvious example, obviously, is Steven Gerrard on then Frank one part on Do you go further down the list?
You think of your your England colleagues?
Actually, Cole was involved in coaching Chelsea.
Now J t is a swell schools.
He managed to Oldham.
It's quite high number that had some involvement.
Isn't that is because I mean, what else you gonna do?
People always talk about to play.
You're gonna be a manager yet on a lot of places.
You know, Comey bother with the hassle, and I think we get to the end of the Curia on the stock water we're going to do.
I was actually the opposite if you touch me.
My twenties, if we were a group of players, whether with England or Liverpool, and I was more the other way as it got closer to finish it, I started looking and looking maybe more of the pitfalls of it.
And what are their options?
Maybe I had.
I think a lot of players fall into culture you'd never really think would didn't seem that obsessed with the game when they were players.
I think some people go into it now as well, because they don't feel like they've got the most out of their own football career on.
They almost want to do the opposite in the coaching creation.
A lot more dedicated, professional when they're on, the management signed all the coaching side of it.
I mean those plays, I'll have the you know there are reasons.
I mean, I think a lot of the top players and I think it you've gone into maybe me as well.
Are we prepared to go through the apprenticeship off the real lower leagues, the opposite downs of it, and then come out the other side.
That's a that's a lot of boats theory and Frank manager, Maybe John Terry.
Eventually, at some stages, I think players of our generation, if I'm being totally honest, they probably want a cracker management to see if you know if the if they go down, if you enjoy it.
But they wanted to be on a state level.
They're not prepared to go down to a safe level, Really, because no boat number one, you don't know the teams.
You don't know the place you never played there.
She's going into management's and put your reputation risk at a level that you've never, ever played.
That really so I think, speak of the Stevie just wants to have a got management.
He doesn't want to be a manager for, like the next 30 40 years.
He just wants to sort of have a going you have a crack at it, see where it takes him and see how it goes.
But that is a big thing is, well, really going down to levels that you don't know the people are turning.
Stephen General, I'm proud of myself for schools level going down to the second division and you get George to the manager about everything.
But why would they do that for abuse me?
Number two at that level, I don't know anyone of that level.
I've never played that.
I don't know what systems should play.
Should I should I change my philosophy down?
They should go home or die a bet.
How did you get into that division?
You know, so you don't put yourself out there.
Uh, and certainly in situations that probably, you know, that comfortable with in terms of experience when you know you've been to see Stevie a few times and you're still very close to you speak from a lot when he has told you about managing is it is anything that he has said surprise you at all or has managing sounded exactly how you imagined it would be from what he's told you.
But to be honest, I don't really get get really deep into pushing among on ST questions about marriage because I don't have a phone him after a bad result.
A text about a couple of weeks ago, I sent a text that you sent me one back because I know I wouldn't feel we've both being.
There's players together when things haven't gone well at Liverpool.
It really here.
I'm sure, obviously probably wears now as a manager.
But I always remember a story when a face tried punditry, which was in summer tournaments in 2012 and Ricky News now others on Sky sports, they got it.
South Gate was the Roberto Martinez and Gordon struck, so they don't be managers and see.
I hadn't on Dhe away from the camera when you was just socializing the amount of hottest stories Italian but my regiment's Andi.
Andi be laughing and joking about them.
But you know, I have to put up with their side to do this.
And then I say to them.
But would you would you go back into the hands of your city out straight away?
I don't know why I told you.
No one's told me a good story.
Every every story you tell is a bad one or a nightmare with a player on agents or an owner of this club on that club, I'm Roy Keane described the best medicine.
You said it second night out, he said.
He said When you go on a Saturday night and you wake up in the morning, the first thing you say we all say I'm never going to go never.
He said.
You get to next week and get outside and you go again.
It's just That's the way management is among.
People say it's like a drug.
That's probably what it is.
I suppose you know you have about expediency.
It actually battles yet to submission.
But then eventually you come round again.
You get that energy back, you get that belief back.
You know that love of football again, and then these management ever going to go.
Do you think it's harder now to be a manager now than it was?
Say that when you reply, it's interesting that one, because I think there's more attention now with social media and fans, and I think whether you like so should be nothing.
People are clubs reading, but owners, CEOs, press people, the island waiter, what goes on on how the sports to feeling, so I don't think that's easy.
It does feel like there's a lot more of a support staff clubs now, too.
Not so much to look after them.
And you almost the manatee from delegate.
A lot more things now.
And I think we've finally got to the stage where everyone in this country, except that the manager is just the colt.
You're the manager of that team.
It's not running the whole club.
I think those days are gone.
I think that's a that's right.
I think is the right way to go is there was a country, so I think possibly did you.
Orb is a lot easier than that way, but it seems that the scrutiny it's only only ever get waste, isn't it?
You know we have more games on the press.
Is that social media?
So the island screwed under scrutiny even more That same manages.
What do you think now is the key to being?
I know most obvious answers results, But to get those results for you, what is the key to being a good manager at the top level?
I think when you've got when you have a I set of players who believe in the manager, where does that belief calling from accomplishing the manager almost move of the manager.
Even the greatest managers are experience.
And I don't think everyone that's Russian Room moved really, cause he's gonna upset seeing people.
But when I always look at that, the top ones and I think of figures and we'll look up air quality over now on the clock, I think I think the players are scared of them but also moved them at the same time.
Just wait.
I think there's definitely something in that where I had a look about Liverpool have got now with the clock on DDE.
I mean, you speak to a lot of managers and players now.
They also about dealing with players now, the man management side of things as opposed to maybe settle for the culture.
I listen, I think top cultures and managers the reason that at the top of the ticket, most boxes in what you want taken for a manager.
I mean, a lot of people say your recruitment is everything and of course that is a huge party.
But I think what what sometimes has forgotten when we even talk about managers on TV is is what these managers actually do when these players come to their club.
It's almost that we believe I won't want you bang someone that if they're a good play, just sit back much in play.
What is now?
I think that when you bring them into your club, you But Cole Chin, you got integrated mixed with other players, so it's certainly no.
You see, there's a lot more to it than just buying back.
Good players, certainly.
But I think have enough thing.
You can even go back.
You don't have to be a football player, even go back to when you're a kid at school.
You were the teachers you looked at, and it's always that one who you knew you wouldn't take a liberty with because he could scare you.
But you liked the news on your maid sues well, type of thing.
And I think getting up that nice balance with with players think is sending one of the major things you're bound to have.
Ask yourself this question of some point in the days when you thought you might be a manager or he was still you know you're still in your twenties, a supplier.
Who would you like to be in like, Well, I can only go off my experiences, apply it.
And I would say what I would say is in the past 2030 years, the two best manager more successful, manage.
Let's take figs and out of it.
And if you look at sort of a pet quality all around Georgia here, lean on.
It's almost been a contrast in styles.
If you like now I would.
I'm saying, if I was a manager, have more George and Renewal the pack, Wadi All right.
And that's because of the deal.
Bringing a heart really and how I saw football.
I couldn't go onto a train, a pitcher trying coach bash along the type football.
I wasn't brought up on that as a kid, saintly Liverpool get me trying to be good for Global.
It was also about using your brain and not taking chances.
And maybe the game has evolved, has got more expansive and I think if you went into culture management you'd have to almost coach and try and become that.
But for me, when I was playing football, football was always more about the results on the performance.
What is now?
Sometimes I think even my supporters.
Now you have to get the usual on performance to keep so many people happy.
But now average always about results.
Is a planet the most important thing to make?
So if you have the choice, who would you rather play for PET or Joseph For me?
Josie, I would say, Listen, you choose something like that, but I think that thing of Marino, he's got that sort of, I think, perhaps got it as well.
Of course, he has bought that real crashing together, get a win and, you know, almost win.
It'll cost.
But I will try to cross the line.
But I think Joe's a certainly had.
He's got that he's had that city when it was in his pram point affairs come to Chelsea.
That was probably they were probably more the type of money desired.
You think Gerard Julian left beneath Has those influences really s O?
They were those type of manages that it was always about making sure we're solid.
We're aggressive, powerful, and we don't know if we could get away.
Remember, I don't know how close it was to happen.
Dream of the rumors of Joseph going to Liverpool at the time.
That was before That was before Rafic came, wasn't it?
Yeah, that was I tell you a probably a decent story about that.
I mean, Jet fuel had lost his job on Dhe Rick party.
I think it interviewed Raffa Benitez at some stage and he was just keeping the senior players informed.
If you like where they looked, Andi did say mentioned yours and your radio.
We didn't know I knew much more about Benny said because of the Spanish League league.
And it looked like that was down down the road with anyway, the right for one.
But I think the feeling Waas that Jorge Merino couldn't be a Liverpool manager in some ways, but possibly because of the way you probably conducted themselves at times.
And I think even that run on down the line even though it was great, all traffic e.
I think the feeling was maybe at the club, maybe from saying it plays well, it's not.
That's not the Liverpool way of doing things that you couldn't go something like that.
So I always thought we go for raffle with being a little bit more, you know, standoffish if you like these eggs that had the word I'm looking for.
But yeah, I think the feeling was that Jose possibly would would always find it difficult to manage livable, whether you wanted to or not at that stage.
But we did hear that he was a huge Liverpool fan, a za kids s.
Whether that would come into it all.
The Romans millions made a difference about show.
And funny enough as well.
If you think about that was Liverpool's out.
Look at the time and they're all reserved character yet Now you've got one of most charismatic managers in the game.
Is not afraid to show his feelings who certainly happy to run down the touchline on the picture off the game afterwards.
Just shows that time.
Yeah, it just shows that Tommy John, maybe we should have got you always a Well, you know, you know that.
I mean, also what people talk about your when you were young and especially well, with what?
What always reminds me I'll never forget.
Somebody told me I come up to an interview with you For Skye, Obviously.
Still a firearm, Elwood.
I remember Stanton.
I said, Is it Is it true that you on a Sunday, you watch gold on Sunday?
Then you watch the championship game.
You watch both.
Probably games back to back.
You watch the Italian and then you you, it's you watch Spanish and you ain't no no, that's not true.
That's not true.
I don't always watch the Spanish, you know.
Yeah, I was just checking out the competition for these pundits who was making sure I was ready.
I was when people were doing coaching badges.
I was watching sky sports, making sure what I what I needed to do.
But no, honestly, I love football, and I'm not ashamed to admit that it is it.
Is it mice?
A part of my life?
And I think it's set up about a week ago on the debate is to think that, you know, we shouldn't.
You shouldn't be embarrassed to say how much we missed the game or how how much it means towards the man.
It was a massive part of it.
Lots of people's lives in this country on what?
When you get back to playing, that means obviously people are safe and sound.
We can get back to footballers rugs are senators there?
It's the greatest game in the where because team gave bringing so many people together, so many options downs to see youse in the interaction in all different.
You know, people throughout the country, through the waves and get in Europe and in tournaments with contagious.
Well, so it's just unbelievable game.
You know, So many was a mission on me more than anyone who said, I want so much football do really moving still, Even now you have to do with Skye being, you know, six or seven years still get that saying, Bull's going to the game and thinking, you know what could happen?
What are the ramifications of wanting, win or wanting?
And I don't know that lever.
Go away.
Good stuff, Good stuff.
Okay, listen, mate, I'm sure we'll be doing this a fair bit as things go, but hopefully everybody stay safe State saying on, We'll be back with a footie soon.
Take a look.
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"Going into management is not worth the hassle!" | Jamie Carragher | Off Script

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林宜悉 published on March 30, 2020
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