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  • Good morning, John. Thank you for your pea video.

  • My main problem with it is that it's very difficult to live up to. What a beautiful thing you did.

  • Folks over on the nerdfighteria subreddit have been having a good ol' time.

  • There's this

  • and then this one happened

  • and then this

  • and this for some reason

  • but then also this?

  • Oh, yeah!

  • One of my favorite things about being alive in the world right now is that I can Google pretty much anything and it's there. Like,

  • I'm not gonna look any of these things up before I say them and I'm gonna put the pictures that I find after I film the video.

  • Show me a cat on a horse

  • an owl with a hat

  • A balloon--

  • Ninja, I don't know what that is.

  • Show me a dog on a bunny. That doesn't sound like it's possible,

  • but I bet somebody figured out how to do it.

  • Was it good? Probably good.

  • Probably not better than owl with a hat maybe better than...

  • Christmas ferret. Just throwing the first result on here, no matter what it is. Christmas ferret!

  • John, I recently changed my house over to use Google Wi-Fi because it's a really---they're really quite well-done things,

  • but you could either get one, or you get three for the price of two. And so I-

  • I only needed two so I've ended up with this extra Google home router thing.

  • And honestly, I'm a little bit mad about it. *oh no angry hank*

  • Like, my instinct is to hold on to this thing, like, in case my house gets bigger, I guess?

  • It's like $100 plus thing and it's just gonna sit in a closet somewhere

  • until it becomes obsolete enough that I feel okay taking it to Staples to get recycled.

  • This is bad, it makes me upset, and there's only one thing to do with it.

  • *intense head banging music*

  • Gotta sell it on Craigslist

  • cuz somebody

  • wants it

  • And if I hit it with a hammer

  • It would become garbage

  • See the situation is that Google mostly destroyed the economic value in the router by not offering me a discounted 2-pack.

  • But people worked hard to create that thing. There's still value inside of it, and I should honor those people's hard work,

  • Yeah?

  • Even though I really do want to see what's on the inside of it and there weren't any pictures of it on the internet.

  • That's frustrating for me. And look,

  • it's probably also frustrating for a lot of people watching this, because I kinda made a pact with you.

  • I went and bought a hammer for 5 dollars and did the whole thing

  • With the dramatic lighting and then there's like the title of the video *upside down hank* like I feel bad

  • *an absolutely remarkable thing available for preorder now coming out september 25*

  • That's better! This is the router that my Google home system is replacing and it's a P. O. S.

  • What is this form factor? Why make it like this so that it's impossible for it to stay up!

  • It is always falling out--- just the cords on the back of it yank it over. Yes. I filmed this before I smashed it

  • So I don't even know how satisfying it was to destroy that thing yet, but I'm gonna find out. Look it's from 2012

  • It's done with. They're going for like 20 bucks on Amazon right now and at a certain point

  • It just isn't worth it for me to stick something on Craigslist,

  • Have somebody weird come to my house and get a router. Meet me in the Target parking lot.

  • Who can compete with the convenience of Amazon?

  •, your friendly neighborhood e-tailer serving now

  • McElroy merch and also The Baby-Sitters' Club Club: the best in all of the baby-sitters club podcasts. Speaking of

  • Let's throw up that weird pea shirt

  • Alright, John. See you on Tuesday

  • Am I gonna eat the whole donut? No, I'm not. I'm a 38 year old man.

  • I'm not gonna eat a rusty hammer donut, okay? Bye.

Good morning, John. Thank you for your pea video.

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Destroying My Router with a Hammer (and etc.)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/30
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