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  • Hi there, everyone.

  • I'm East Midlands Airport just outside Nottingham.

  • And shortly I'm getting on a plane to fly north in the hope of seeing the northern lights were not landing or going to the snow or anything.

  • When it's gonna fly and do a U turn and come back now, the weather above is cloudy.

  • That's not a problem, of course, because we're gonna be flowing above the clouds.

  • But what is a problem is the space weather, which isn't looking too good.

  • Solar activity is not too high.

  • Said we might not be in luck.

  • Only one way to find out.

  • Let's go catch this flood fingers crossed way to go up to the age of the northern edge of UK airspace to try and peek at the Royal over should be glowing towards the north.

  • Now what we've done is brought everybody into the departure lounge, East Midlands Airport on.

  • We are going to give the presentation on our presentation on stars.

  • I can see up there, plus what causes the Aurora that son effect basically on interaction with the Earth's magnetic field and then we're going to get on board the aircraft.

  • We're gonna fly towards the north hopefully turn the way.

  • Hopefully, we will turn the lights off on give everybody about 20 minutes dark adoption time before we actually get to a point north and the plane will fly backwards and forwards during a racetrack pattern on dhe.

  • People on one side of the aircraft alternately will see of you toward the north If we see the Aurora, that's brilliant, but you've got no guarantee with that.

  • But the stars are fantastic up there in the Milky Way looks spectacular when you see out the plane window.

  • So excited.

  • Okay, looks like we're going down now, folks, that's rather flaws.

  • I do believe way.

  • Probably the very edge of the Aurora heading tonight, heading up their eyes, actually undergoing chemical reaction, now becoming sensitive outside.

  • There's a great views sauce.

  • Better as your eyes get fully dark, you can see that you're ashamed of being not know much about when features, but it is certainly visible.

  • Yes, I can see that my trained I know a parent structure in it, but you can certainly see the suspension regiment where Archie very sliding.

  • It is an incredible atmosphere because there are three people either side of the plate on.

  • In order for people to be honest here, window there has to be a sort of a roar, a shuffle, if you like.

  • Where the people of the window then moved to the ill person.

  • So they all have to get up.

  • There's a community spirit.

  • I think everyone is very excited about it.

  • And what happens is we tell them to do that right.

  • The very beginning of flight.

  • After a while, they just want their own natural rhythm to do.

  • And I think people make great friends in these flights.

  • Is about I recognize this person causing troubles Has it all gone?

  • But where you going?

  • Back to my wife.

  • You know, you've been naughty.

  • Moving forward.

  • Yeah.

  • This is the Aurora.

  • Look.

  • Begin to bring some nuts.

  • You can see that right there on the roll sheet.

  • Yes.

  • He's a moment.

  • Little stroke your photo because I've got my camera.

  • My camera's been adjusted.

  • Cool, dark flying.

  • It's got a red cellophane cover over the I got there.

  • That's not bad.

  • Got the red glow on the top.

  • We've also got the green.

  • Get in there.

  • So that's the main Aurora.

  • Go later display one forward, but you see, there's a bit of structure there.

  • There's a race starting performed.

  • One of the stars get a bit blurry on the flight because it's a moving platform.

  • There's a 32nd exposures.

  • It's still a fairly weak display.

  • Say way have displays, which are so intense that you could look down the aircraft of people's faces.

  • Look green because the order was blowing were always badgering the flight deck to go as far north as possible.

  • We've had one flight out of Bristol where we went as far north as possible, and it was such an active Aurora that we were actually underneath it.

  • They're all over.

  • All had spread out, and we have to go in and say, Please gonna go a bit further self because we can't see it's above us, so you can never tell what's happening with the Aurora.

Hi there, everyone.

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