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  • Take a drink from your murloc mug while being oh so comfortable in Pikachu slippers

  • because I'm Jake and this is Game LÜT.

  • Let's start our day off with some bass-pounding electronic music sure to get you amped up

  • to do something a bit crazy and wild by listening to the Hotline Miami soundtrack on vinyl.

  • Oh yeah!

  • I am ready to go!

  • Let me grab my Gordon Freeman foam crowbar in case we run into some Russian mobsters

  • or ya know, aliens and let's take a drive in my Tron car.

  • Unfortunately, no you cannot buy one just yet but this insanely cool concept car is

  • electric and has sleek blue neon lights that act as head lamps so you can navigate yourself

  • through the Grid especially while you're wearing your bike helmet lit up by these light

  • kits from LightMode.

  • They allow you to customize your own Tron-like patterns in a bunch of different colors so

  • you can make your commute feel a bit more like you're living in a game.

  • Oh stomach growls noise. Oh we're going to add a stomach growls noise. GROWL.

  • Good thing I packed a lunch in my Munchlax lunch bag.

  • Mmm delicious!

  • Wouldn't you say so Brock the Brick and giraffe from The Last of Us?

  • Ah darn.

  • Am I speaking to plushies now?!

  • I think my Team Frotress 2 sandvich may have been irradiated.

  • Good thing I also packed some RadAway from Fallout to help clean my system.

  • Alright, I think we're in the clear.

  • So let's save our progress on this Grand Theft Auto 5 Loneliest Robot USB drive.

  • And since we're making changes I could go for a change in style.

  • Maybe give it a little shock in this Bioshock

  • Circus of Values t-shirt or wash away my enemies in

  • this Undertow one?

  • Hmm, perhaps I'll just whisk myself away to Paris wearing this Elizabeth-themed scarf

  • Ahh. What do you think Ratchet and Clank pins?

  • Or you, pin of Annoying Dog from Undertale?

  • Any thoughts from you guys, Final Fantasy Mini Figures?

  • AHH

  • I'm speaking to inanimate objects again.

  • Okay I need to focus my mind on something before I go completely insane.

  • Umm

  • YES!

  • Here we go.

  • A nice, refined experience of the Civilization board game. Just what I needed.

  • And what goes well with that you ask?

  • These awesome oil paintings by Rich Pellegrino!

  • Links to all the Game Lüt can be found in the description below and if you want more Game Lüt there is a playlist right here to go watch that.

  • Okay you beautiful being I'm going to go. And as always, thanks for watching.

  • Going to go. Leaving. Walking off camera. Very slowly. Here I go. There I am. Off of the frame.

Take a drink from your murloc mug while being oh so comfortable in Pikachu slippers

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