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  • No, I am sorry.

  • The current President is President Ma.

  • I don’t know his name though.

  • I don’t know.

  • Uhh, President Ma Ying-Jeou.

  • No idea.

  • I don’t know. Hahahaha

  • Ma Ying-Jeou

  • I have no idea who the President is of Taiwan.

  • Don’t you have a Prime Minister? Hahahaha

  • I know the President is a woman.

  • Oh in Korea, that was in Korea, my bad!

  • Hu Jing-Tao

  • Ahh, as an American, the government does bug our phones,

  • and I have like told my friends, like I will be talking on the phone

  • and I like to actually go

  • Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!

  • Probably, Canadians wouldn’t care too much,

  • but they will still complain about it a lot.

  • Probably the U.S. government is bugging Taiwanese phones if I have to guess.

  • Ok, like the Americans do.

  • Sir, we are only interviewing foreignersopinions.

  • And the U.S. especially in the South where I come from,

  • where people are heavily armed.

  • Then people probably rise up, and not be so happy.

  • Run down the President’s office or whatever.

  • Then if you didn’t throw a shoe at him, you are kindakinda fxcking up.

  • Riot

  • I think people will come to demonstrate in the public

  • and may ask them to resign from their positions.

  • I personally think.

  • Excuse me.

  • I think our current political crisis

  • We really are just interviewing foreigners.

  • It’s okay. I personally think (weird accent)

  • There are many places that I like, like the night market and the food.

  • Coz Taiwanese food is better than American food.

  • Taiwan is an independent country… I believe.

  • (Independent from China)

  • My favorite color isgreen.

  • Wait, wait. What was the question again?

  • It’s my home; they have no right to take it from me.

  • But they did. So what would you do about it?

  • Well, I guess at first, I will complain because it’s like the right way to do it.

  • I will try to get it by their official means

  • and in case I didn’t, I will just sleep in front of my house or something like this all the days.

  • It’s gone! There is no house anymore.

  • Ahh there’s no house anymore?!

  • They took it down, they they theyshattered the

  • I will build it again. Like I will start building a new house there

  • coz it’s my house.

No, I am sorry.

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A2 president taiwan bomb ying hahahaha coz

外國人對台灣亂象的看法 - Foreigners' opinions about Taiwan & USA political crisis

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