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  • Well, I love about a CSS in 2018 college.

  • Everything coming Good morning and welcome to come to you 2018.

  • Yeah, my favorite part of this is always the meeting new people.

  • And having the conversation gives developers and engineers and designers a chance to connect with each other in a way that they don't get to in their normal day to day work, inspired each other and talk about the work that they do with people outside of their own companies organizations.

  • And so it can open developers minds to context and situations that they don't encounter in their daily work.

  • I think community events are really important because I came from a really small town in the southeastern United States and I didn't really find a sense of belonging there.

  • And it just it blows my mind that I came to Berlin and found this amazing community so far away.

  • It's nice to be the place where everyone can come together and celebrate CSS and all its works together.

  • See what's coming up and see what we can do to make it even better for everyone.

  • In 2015 I was one off the scholarship holder had a lot of opportunities to be a speaker and also landed up in a job in Berlin.

  • This scholarship is a great means to help.

  • Di was candidates, explored opportunities, new opportunities.

  • Is that compass running by a volunteer team?

  • The curation.

  • Like all the little details that we see here to design, it's all done by volunteers that have known each other for years.

  • And all of that still remember the very first year we're just all had this desire to set up an event to talk about CSS because there was no place for it before.

  • My talk was about how we can build safe teams and a better culture and environment, East Asian topography and how it can inspire more than with layups.

  • Building a Devil's Extensions a p I that people could use to create their own tools for Web designers on top of death.

  • But that was about design systems as facilitators and applying facilitated lens to products that we use.

  • I would say my talk was about empathy and the fact that you really be multiple layers when you're talking about entity.

Well, I love about a CSS in 2018 college.

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