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  • Now it's time for me to get something off my chest.

  • It's been bugging me since I was a little kid, so you may as well be my first victims.

  • Now all of you out there know what an atom looks like, right?

  • It looks like this.

  • So am I right?

  • No one wrong.

  • That's cool, The boss Sommerfeld at.

  • That's what Adam looked like back in the 19 twenties, and ever since the introduction of corner mechanics towards the end of the 20 that's being obsolete, it's 90 years old, it's ancient, and yet people still think of this is the picture of the atom are prefer to think of this as the whole of the bathroom.

  • Now, the thing that really bugs me is that corporations and even some research institutions when they want to convince you that day at the cutting edge, they're going to stick a couple of these a room.

  • A battle in the corporate logo would like apple advertising that I found by showing you a Candlestick telephone.

  • It's crazy.

  • What's a better wife representing the atom?

  • Instead of these hula hoop orbits, you should think of the electrons as buzzing around the nucleus in a fuzzy little cloud, An electron cloud.

  • Have a look at this.

  • So imagine we have this fuzzy spherical thing a bit like that.

  • We can chop it up into a whole bunch of pieces.

  • We can chop it up into spherical bits called s Ordinance.

  • These more complicated things called P Orbital's.

  • And these bring like these things look like calamari that we called d Orbital's.

  • So what are these orbiters mean?

  • Basically, that fuzziness tells you the probability that there's an electron there because quantum mechanics says at any given moment, we can't tell you exactly where an electron is gonna be.

  • And what space guy or we could do is calculate the probability is gonna be in some point, probably has speed.

  • Electron clouds represent that fuzzy probability.

  • That's not the only way that you can chop up the electron cloud.

  • What I showed you is typically the way that physicists chemists mathematically chop up their electron clouds using a different set of orbital's.

  • This is an S orbital spherical thing is the pay or but a dumb bell shaped orbital have pointing in all sorts of directions.

  • There's a couple of examples off the overalls So my advice to the marketing department off some great corporation wants to show you how cutting edge they are.

  • Is that instead of using whom of it patterns, they should include balloon animals in the corporate life.

  • Guys.

  • No, thank you for listening Really warm.

Now it's time for me to get something off my chest.

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