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  • stage one.

  • Fuel is complete vehicles and suffer alone.

  • Stage one.

  • Stage two.

  • You President for strong back redirect stage to create alarms Opening first round back.

  • Retract invective is emotions are complete.

  • Striving of the retract angle.

  • Mogo believe verification Stage one looks like a bleep stage to look so complete.

  • He goes on a total power Granddad's clothes.

  • It's starting Count Gaskell's That's complete organism Startup.

  • Falcon nine's and start up stage to prison for flight.

  • Go for lunch stage ones that started pressures 15 seconds and Falcon I've configured for Flight nine, eight, seven six, five four three two one zero.

  • Ignition.

  • Liftoff.

  • Go Dragon Godspeed.

  • 41 vehicle is pitching down range.

  • Stage one prop is nominal.

  • Power to limit phenomenal vehicle is supersonic and experience of maximum dynamic pressure and back engine Chill you go.

  • It's separation confirmed Stage one.

  • Boost back.

  • Start ignition.

  • Stage one.

  • Boost back.

  • Shuter Stage two is following the nominal trajectory because they sent a signal that, you know Stage two continues to follow the nominal trajectory.

  • My position in New Hampshire Stage two continues to follow the nominal trajectory.

  • Stage one entry burn started.

  • Stage two continues along the nominal trajectory.

  • Stage one entry burn.

  • Shut down.

  • One F T s.

  • Safety stage one Transcendent Stage one winning birds are Dave to continues along the nominal trajectory.

  • Stage two has entered Terminal guidance.

  • Age to FDs State landing operators in which we're covering it for a site trip and moved to into contingency procedure alone.

  • About 100 and next.

  • Up, down.

  • Genc confirms good orbit Insertion.

  • Acquisition of signal in government.

  • This is Dragon TC on Countdown one.

  • We have good separation.

  • Dragon separation confirmed.

  • This is Dragon.

  • You see, on Countdown one proper army had successfully and all pressures report ready for firing Dragon.

  • You see on Countdown Boner deporting.

  • It's over.

  • I think that love like no burrito.

  • This is Dragon CC on Countdown one dragon solar rays had successfully deployed and are ready for activation.

  • We're on our way to the International Space Station.

stage one.

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B2 stage dragon nominal countdown continues separation

Dragon Resupply Mission (CRS-16)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/28
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