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  • was of guys first night here in cocoa Touch class or swift file.

  • We're gonna be talking about what the difference is.

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  • So follow me on this game forest dot swift, but let's get into the video couldjust class or swift file.

  • So let's go.

  • Come on over to the computer so we can get a better understanding.

  • But in layman's terms, they're the same thing except a cocoa touch Class is a template.

  • It kind of it puts out a template and then swift file just a blank file.

  • So, for example, here's a regular swift file.

  • It comes with your boilerplate code and this is it Import Foundation and then the comments.

  • If you come on over and create new file, this is where you have the option swift file, cover ditch class or any of these others.

  • Let's click on coco touch class, for example, and create Let's create something that we would normally use like a you I table view controller example, because they don't want to get it confused with my current project.

  • Next, you can also create a Ziff I with this, But let's not worry about that for now.

  • As you'll see, we have a whole lot more code.

  • We have class table, you controller example, which is a subclass of you white table view controller.

  • And then we have all this other boilerplate code, and that's that's the difference is that we get all of this good stuff than Coco Touch class.

  • So here's another one.

  • This is C animation group named example.

  • Here's another one you like collection of you sell.

  • Here's another one.

  • You have your controller.

  • I didn't write any of this code.

  • I just created a cooker touch class and chose the class I wanted to create and what I wanted that to be a so class off.

  • That's the only difference between a swift file and a cook, a touch class.

  • Or you can think of it as a template file if that helps you out, because that's really all it is.

  • It's a template, and I don't know this is a short little video, but I should really hope it helps you out.

  • And that's really all you need.

  • Know, cooker, touch, class and swift, because I'm sure you've been watching videos and you see them make a swift file.

  • Sometimes you see the make cooker touch class sometimes, and you're kind of like Why in the world do they make these two different things at random times?

  • I don't understand.

  • Well, now you do, and I hope I helped you out.

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  • Also, I'll be updating in this upcoming week.

  • We'll be finishing up the firebase in Geo Fire, Siri's and until next time, have a going.

was of guys first night here in cocoa Touch class or swift file.

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