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  • back at the wash plant.

  • Culvert pipe is fixed.

  • I got water coming on.

  • Coming on.

  • No, I think that was It just looks a lot better with water pressure.

  • Back up.

  • Mud shouldn't clog the slough spots.

  • Wear Could go.

  • Guys, we are good to go.

  • Just give me a minute.

  • Let me watch here the whole time.

  • Anybody build up again, just not clean it up.

  • Villa, Chris.

  • I mean, look out Dirty it is.

  • We're shut down for the day and I know the next question would be What do you think of that?

  • Well, a bunch of right now, you know, this sucks.

  • You know, it's it's taking food away from our freaking families.

  • Just sucks.

  • That's all there is to it.

  • Water pressure is ruled out as the culprit.

  • So Dave turns his attention to the paydirt he's feeding into the wash plant.

  • He's hoping historical maps can shed more light on the land around how he's cut.

  • It's always a mystery where the old timers went, and I don't know why they left this little wedge force.

  • It's clear they didn't mind that it's quite interesting.

  • I don't understand why millions of years ago gold rich sediments sat just below the drum lemon load and was washed down onto this plateau, forming what's called an alluvial fan.

  • In the late 19th century, the area was extensively mined, but the three acres of Howie's cut was left untouched by the old timers.

  • And now Dave's worried there's a reason why see, the way I'm getting gravel and then I'm getting are false bedrock.

  • With the pay dirt now exposed in the creek, Dave is looking for clues as to why the wash plant is clogged with mud.

  • This is our first cut.

  • We're trying to figure the ground out.

  • Every piece of ground you ever on is different.

  • See these little channels?

  • These air, the channels that the gold will be in.

  • But look at that.

  • That's sticky.

  • Clay Gold will not go through that.

  • This clay doesn't run through the plan.

  • It's crap.

  • It's terrible for our wash plant.

back at the wash plant.

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Dave's Problematic Pay Dirt | Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

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