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  • This is a bug.

  • It's beautiful.

  • It's a symbol.

  • It's a metaphor for things that are intact that are perfect, made with exquisite invention.

  • Without this, we cannot even function.

  • This is a good thing.

  • This is a beautiful invention of a mastery of creativity, anaesthetic and functional perfection.

  • Maestro off.

  • It's time when this came to be on.

  • Without it, we cannot function.

  • It is a good thing.

  • Now they're cracked pieces here.

  • Does it cease to be good?

  • No.

  • Does it cease to be good?

  • Yes, everything is essentially already broken.

  • That glass is already broken.

  • Life is already broken.

  • We're looking for good and bad and making things good and bad because we've been told that if it's good, it isn't broken.

  • Everything is cracked, broken in perfect.

  • Already suffering is inherent in the life.

  • If anything has been created, it has within it its destruction.

  • But when it shatters and when we die, or when we have cancer, or when we're stuck in the traffic jam or robbed by the bank robber.

  • Well, how did this happen to me?

  • Because we constantly without realizing it our puppet eared by good and bad, good and bad.

  • Good and bad, because if you understood that the glass is already broken.

  • You have already been dying.

  • Since the moment you've been born, you're not going to die.

  • You are dying.

  • The breaking is not bad.

  • It is the transforming Weare, eternally transforming, being here to evolve into our next iteration.

  • How can we evolve if we don't break?

  • If we don't shatter, if we don't let go, there is no price that is high enough to pay for the prize off your liberation.

  • The liberation is not gonna be found from somebody on stage.

  • It's not gonna be found in the gym or in the clinic or in your relationship.

  • It's only going to be found when you pry open cages off your mental prison.

  • The keys are in your hands.

  • The door is already open.

This is a bug.

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