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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to another SC writing lesson In this lesson, we're looking at how to write and arguments as a thesis.

  • If you find this lesson helpful, I encourage you to visits my websites ATS, www dot english Ryan dot com and www.

  • Don't I'll stash isles dot com When writing an argument s a thesis, there are four steps that's need to be followed.

  • The first step is to ensure, er, that's you fully understands.

  • The essay question and one way to help ensure that this is true is to rewrite the essay question in different words.

  • After this, the second step is to brainstorm some ideas for the essay.

  • Often in an essay question, you're asked to agree with or disagree with something, or to support something or refute something.

  • So in step number two, you want to come up with some ideas for both sides of the argument.

  • So we'll see.

  • We'll see both supporting and refuting.

  • Step three.

  • Now, after you've done the brainstorming, Step three is to decide on what style of s you're going to write.

  • Are you going to raid a supporting NSC that supports what's been given in your question or you writing an essay that refutes it.

  • So Step number three is to decide with the type of response to give.

  • And finally, after you've done that, then you're finally ready to write your thesis.

  • The thesis should always be written as a direct response to your essay question so as to ensure that there's no confusion.

  • When the reader reads your essay, they will know right from the beginning by reading your thesis.

  • What's your opinion?

  • Is on the question that's you are given.


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