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Australia and the world face big energy challenges.
Exciting technologies are being developed in Australia to solve these problems,
we can lower bills, improve security, and cut emissions at the same time.
The way to do this is by giving people the control to make, buy, save and sell energy.
Here’s our vision for how it could work:
every day more people put solar panels on their homes to make more electricity.
The My Energy app allows them to control how they use this energy.
They can reduce their energy consumption to save money or support the grid.
As homes install large capacity batteries, they can store more than they require and sell the excess.
This means consumers can get paid for being smart with energy, preventing blackouts for everyone.
This is our vision for demand response.
The Australia Institute and neo: developing the smart energy future.
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Developing the smart energy future

66 Folder Collection
Alvin He published on March 28, 2020    B.Y.l translated    Evangeline reviewed
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