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  • Hello, everybody.

  • This is Beth of cooking and crafting.

  • And today we're going to make this beautiful little ornament using some seashells that I found in a store.

  • And I have it.

  • Don't decided.

  • This year when I was out and about I noticed that a lot of the ornaments this year are very wrapped around nautical themes.

  • And so I saw these beautiful mom shows.

  • They're like, you know, just slivers of the show that had been cut.

  • And I saw them at So Hall, which is a let's see, so hard living, which is a store that's right here around just up the corner.

  • And I thought, How beautiful would it not be to make a snowflake ish looking ornaments Oughta be ifs so insects what I'm exactly gonna end up with, I think I will get the glue out and just start gluing so simple, and then we'll just put a little a couple of little meat touches on there.

  • But one of these little blue glass things here, but I'm not sure I like that, but I don't know if this is too big that it'll take away from it.

  • So I think I'm gonna leave that, as is sparkled up a shell.

  • And while seeing what happens, I'll probably end up putting this on the other side as well.

  • But I've got some really teeny tiny little starfish that I think will be the topper to that professed super simple.

  • You needed glue in these beautiful little shells.

  • Um, like I said, I got This isn't so hard living.

  • Um, I got some of this stuff, and that's pure one.

  • You know, it came in there like their potpourri.

  • So after it's done smelly, smelly, smelly spells, you have all this beautiful stuff left over.

  • So we're gonna find more things to do with all of these shells and making our nautical Christmas.

  • I think I will just go ahead and glue a, um, an ornament.

  • Um, holder, right in that spot right there.

  • A swell nice and fast, Super, super simple.

  • But just so beautiful.

  • I hope you enjoy.

  • Don't forget to give me a thumbs up.

  • And I hope you all have a very merry Christmas on door happy holidays for Kwanzaa and all the other different religions.

Hello, everybody.

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