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you see the reality is that uncertainty is always a part of life.
Virus or no virus.
The Corona virus has unleashed a wave of panic across the card.
Seven states just today reporting the first cases of the Corona virus.
It's unbelievable.
There's no other word to describe it.
People kept saying What's happening right now is more than just the virus.
It is a symbol off where we are as a community where we are as a species, where we are in our consciousness.
Do we move into fear and panic and think about ourselves and stop by our basements with things that the elder they need or that the people at risk?
This is a market If you are as a humanity, I'm not asking you to stop what you're doing.
But I'm asking you to pause to think about this in a different way.
You see uncertainty, doubt panic about the future is irretrievably a part off life groaner viruses, just highlighting this in the most acute way.
You know, if in every moment we knew which person just had an accident on the road today and we kept getting these notices on social media, we would be in the same kind of panic, and we wouldn't go out and drive.
So now let's use this virus as an opportunity to enter into a higher state of consciousness where we let go off our anxieties about the future and understand that the only way to live life is in the present moment.
I'm not asking you to not take precautions.
I'm asking you to think about this in a new way as an opportunity to not spiral, interfere, but instead to elevate into a higher consciousness.
Do not separate out of mass hysteria and anxiety, but instead to further unify, to strengthen and embolden ourselves as a one species so that we can together the interdependent in our presence with each other on our connectivity with each other.
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The Coronavirus | An Opportunity For Unity

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 28, 2020
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