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  • you have you?

  • I mean, we see you on television, but really, you are in America now.

  • You are making films, proper films.

  • I've been off making some films.

  • Hopefully, I might stay in some of them and they at some point we don't know who you are.

  • But the rock I mean, you're in a film with the rock.

  • I did a film with the rock.

  • Yes, he's the best man I've ever met his wife.

  • Well, second best.

  • Maybe now he's amazing.

  • And he's the kind of guy he has this gym that he travels with, which I got to go into which I felt very honored to be invited into the Iron Paradise.

  • But it's called It's his traveling Jim.

  • And one day on set, he was like, Do you work out?

  • And I was like, Andi invited me round to the gym and I went around and these machines are enormous.

  • He had taken all of the weight's off, all of the machine, just the bars.

  • I think I can manage.

  • I went in the corner and got onto an exercise bike and popped in an audiobook.

  • Thea, the corner would like a chain around his neck and crunching all of this.

  • I am that rap music and I they're gonna call the way.

  • Don't miss the Graham Norton Show.

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you have you?

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