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"OH MY GOD Crap from the street"!
Look, Ross, in this box are all the things I got from mugging
that I thought were too special to sell... or smoke.
Anyway, I was looking through it and I found...
Science Boy.
Oh, my God.
I never thought I'd see this again.
It's all here.
What made you save it all these years?
I guess I just thought it was really good.
Maybe It worth something one day
You really thought Science Boy was worth saving?
Well, yeah.
But you should know, I also have a jar of Vaseline
and a cat skull in here.
Still, this-this is amazing.
Oh, my God.
Thank you, Phoebe.
Oh, you're welcome.
And thank you, for Science Boy.
I learned a lot from him.
You're welcome.
Wait a minute.
Did you... did you add something to him?
Oh, yeah, well, uh-huh.
You see, the way you drew him,
there was no way he was ever going to get Gravity Girl.
Well, he looked like a Ken doll in those tights.
What's that? What are you...?
"Is that a beaker, or are you happy to see me?"
I don't get it.
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Friends - The one with the mugging - uncut scene

3091 Folder Collection
Susy published on March 21, 2014    Clément translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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