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  • Allah.

  • William Catalona, Lady Penrose.

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  • Germany Yes, Una Germania due West Germany.

  • Is it rest?

  • Germany Yes, operates employees.

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  • Now what?

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  • Duda No Mido, Ms Mills, Ms Numero but exemplary.

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  • Yes, for money's on Anna, but exemplar Caesar.

  • Susanna been pissing in the sink.

  • Anna own example.

  • It's real news, Miss Paroxysm.

  • No matter those comment, Daddy's like I said that this group CEO terrible tables.

  • And yes, there's there's no stress contest.

  • Facebook it with their only they'll come back.

  • Another introduction.

  • Video.

  • Like I said, the scrips body was yesterday, not facebookthe.


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B2 unit sense meal santa santa santa santana

Numbers in Catalan | Super Easy Catalan 4

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