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  • Hey everybody. So i'm gonna go into a little spiel-thing. But before I do,

  • A lot of you guys are going to ask about the flag of Limberwisk so I'll just give it to you right now.

  • The flag is horizontal bicolour of White & Black

  • With two semi circles making up a full circle slightly askew to the left hoist side

  • Containing the colours of Blue & Orange.

  • The Orange & Blue stand for the Gulpa fruit as well as the joint union between the Native Kahhlll people and the Nordic Vikings from the past.

  • The Black & White not only symbolised the colours of the Orca (the national animal)

  • But also the ice, snow

  • As well as the volcanic soil that provides the perfect environment for the Gulpa fruit

  • And the Black also stands for.....................

  • *Epic Animation*

  • Because why not.. I made up this country..

  • I can do whatever I want okay? This is the only flag where Black stands for blood

  • Thank you Ken for making that animation. Follow him on instagram

  • And the Coat-of-Arms?

  • The Coat-of-Arms contains a shield with the colours Blue & Orange (same symbolic interpretations).

  • As well as the Orca on the left; battle-axe on the right and a Black banner on the bottom

  • with the word for 'Limberwhisk' written in the Hush script

  • All right, so that's that.

  • More cool stuff will be revealed on Patreon. So Patreon Patrons; look forward to that.

  • If you'd like to sign up for patreon, feel free to do so.

  • So I want to give you guys a little bit of an announcement

  • I love Geography

  • I do!I I love learning about this world, I love sharing with you guys; everything that I learn

  • I love talking with you guys and learning about your countries. I've met many of you on my travels.

  • And, honestly without you guys this channel is really nothing because it really does

  • not only depend on your viewership but also your cooperation

  • That being said

  • I have doing nothing but

  • Geography

  • Geography

  • Geography

  • Like literally every single day of my life for the past.....

  • I don't even know how long it is anymore

  • If I'm not writing something, I'm editing something.

  • If I'm not editing something I'm researching something

  • If not researching I'm doing something in post-production

  • It's getting, to the point where I......

  • It's affecting me. I'm sure you guys have heard many other YouTubers do this exact same spiel

  • I think Katie Neistat did it.

  • Jessie and Gina from Prank vs Prank did it

  • So i'm pretty sure you guys know exactly what I'm gonna say

  • Some of my subscribers I've talked to you guys are actually like

  • High-profile YouTubers

  • With millions of subscribers way more than me -

  • So I'm pretty sure you guys are gonna understand what I'm about to say

  • I need a break

  • Seriously this really is the best job I've ever I love it but

  • It's getting to the point where it's just over-consuming me

  • I'm going to go crazy!

  • I've even found myself like snapping on people that did nothing wrong to me

  • My dating life is virtually non-existent!

  • I think the last girl i liked properly dated was

  • So long, ago!

  • And I know it does kind of come with the job when you have to....

  • Maintain an audience

  • But I need to take a break before things get bad

  • Plus I haven't even done my taxes yet (geez, I need to do them!)

  • So I'm gonna be gone for a little bit I will still stay on social media though. So feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

  • But I will be back and the new country videos will be up

  • I actually have a lot of cool new ideas for Geography Now in the next season

  • I'm thinking of opening up a web site a new merch line

  • I'm gonna try really hard to write a book

  • If I make enough money, maybe I can make an App

  • There's like so many other things I want to do with Geography Now but...

  • I can't because I keep doing these videos and I don't take any breaks

  • I personally know that my audience is really cool because I interact with you guys a lot

  • My hope is that you guys won't abandon me while I'm gone?

  • I'll try to be gone for only like a few weeks...

  • No more than a month

  • In the meantime I love this job and I will be back it's just....

  • Give me a little space okay? Cool

  • Alright guys, thank you for all your support and help really appreciate it you guys are the reason why this channel exists so

  • Thank you and i'll see you when I get back! :)

Hey everybody. So i'm gonna go into a little spiel-thing. But before I do,

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Yeah... I need a break. (+Limberwisk Flag)

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