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  • A telephoto lens with the tripod for your iPhone and soap

  • shaped like a piece of poop. It's episode 23

  • of LÜT.

  • Wake up in your warm Nintendo knee-high socks and put on your fancy superhero

  • bow-tie, along with these sunglasses from Spencer's with a neat

  • hanging mustache. Then, climb a rock wall

  • installed so that when you fall you just take a dive. And this fire pit...

  • it's shaped like the world. Squirrel mask.

  • Now, what's this? Oh, nice

  • a Spock bath robe. They've also got Captain Kirk,

  • but minimal superheroes now come on t-shirts.

  • Of course, this t-shirt makes you look rich. Except by rich,

  • I mean geeky. I was kidding. Here's a nice mug to get for your friend.

  • Again,

  • I was kidding. Keep the table safe with giant Scrabble coasters

  • and keep your lips moist with unicorn farts lip balm flavored like cotton

  • candy

  • and spearmint. These aren't for sale, but check out normal stuffed animals

  • bought second-hand, inverted and then made into cute inside-out cuddly animals.

  • You also can't buy this pancake quilt with bacon accessory, because it's sold

  • out,

  • so keep the bacon sweet with VAT19's

  • bacon pops. Hard candy infused with bacon bits

  • or be sweeter with a candy necklace flavored like bacon.

  • Back to pancakes. Williams-Sonoma offers molds to make Star Wars

  • shaped pancakes and if you have $50

  • and an out of this world taste, pick up some exquisite gourmet chocolates

  • shaped like the planets. Or

  • go darker with these anatomically accurate skulls

  • made of chocolate. Here's a fluffy nuclear mushroom cloud that's actually a lamp.


  • also offers a necklace sporting a loop made of a single curl piece of metal

  • that locks in a ball or your very own strandbeest,

  • a sculpture, that when pushed or pulled

  • automatically appears to walk. Oh, and this battle mug

  • has scope rail so you can soup it up with all your equipment.

  • ThisIsWhyImBroke[.com] pointed me toward a Zelda Sword USB Drive

  • and rage base masks. Pop Chart Lab does it again with this amazing

  • graph poster of rap names organized by common themes.

  • No, I've seen negatively engraved rings before, but this one

  • from The Cheeky is great. All day it pushes against your skin,

  • so when you try and be sneaky and remove it, your finger carries the mark

  • "I'm married." TotusMel creates jewelry

  • with lace. One of my favorites is the mask,

  • but don't forget the ankle corsets. Drink some liquid from a can

  • that's actually a porcelain mug and then solve puzzles

  • from V-CUBE. Not six-sided six-colored ones,

  • but two-colored cubes that let you have a checkerboard shape or my favorite

  • flag. With two colors, they've got Poland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden,

  • but with three colors they've got Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands

  • and Russia. Here's an eraser shaped like the evolution of man.

  • And Japan Trend Shop brings us Ten-Ten Dama.

  • Like a switch hit, an awesomely designed toy that when thrown in the air seemingly

  • magically

  • inverts itself. ThinkGeek has Captain Jules'

  • rings, which unfold into a telescope.

  • But now for your free thing. Two things, actually. Cubeecraft[.com]

  • offers free printouts you cut, fold and glue or tape in the fun characters and

  • shapes.

  • Once you've done that make them dance to Mario Paint

  • using the composer for PC or Mac just like the one

  • in the original SNES game. RezonerDJ recommended cyber dogs

  • cybernetic jewelry, like this headset. And Tokyoflash

  • offers bizarrely awesome high-tech watches that look like

  • things aliens have left behind. Their newest is like a stencil. See, this one

  • says that it's 12:04.

  • As you may remember, 6 LÜTs ago

  • I mentioned them. Well, they found out, thought it was awesome

  • and now they've set it up, so that until the end of April if you buy a watch

  • using code VSTF you get ten dollars off.

  • So how about that? Keep being Vsaucy.

  • And as always,

  • thanks for watching.

A telephoto lens with the tripod for your iPhone and soap

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Unicorn FARTS on Your LIPS ?? -- LÜT #23

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/28
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