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  • that we just trade for Mark Cooper gave them off first.

  • Now this camp, right?

  • This can't be right.

  • Can we get like a second round pick back?

  • Didn't we just give up a top 10?

  • Dropping?

  • Got Josh Gordon for give up a 32nd overall pick for Mark Cooper.

  • We don't have the best chucker for training for receivers.

  • Still having nightmares about that Roy Williams Street?

  • At least we don't give up the 1st 12 and 1/3 will tell Altercation and 1/6 and 1/7.

  • This is Joey Galloway all over again.

  • He's only 24 years old.

  • He's already been to trouble.

  • The Eagles offered a second round piglet of Eagles and get him.

  • Sure can't First world Thomas.

  • He's the same age Is Calvin Ridley given first remark.

  • Cooper.

  • Like we just drafted coverage.

  • We could've signed dance for zero drafting.

  • Technically, we could still sign.

  • Did we got Beasley?

  • Is just what?

  • Jack friend.

  • I mean, we got Calabria.

  • Jack Cooper.

  • So excited about a receiver Doesn't matter what receiver we have a doctors.

  • Hold on the buff.

  • 30 seconds Doesn't matter what receives.

  • We have A that it's getting pressured every plate you're trying to tell me.

  • A Marquis Cooper's not better than every receiver coming out.

  • Would it save and tell Jason Gary on the bright side, you need to change scenery.

  • At least can't lose next week.

  • I'm a grown man.

that we just trade for Mark Cooper gave them off first.

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