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  • in three, two, one roof over.

  • We have movement.

  • They're moving forward, loaded with farm implements, prospectors, tools, three full leaders of nitroglycerin and one well placed sledgehammer.

  • Our buckboard wagon is on a short and bumpy ride to oblivion, we hope.

  • Seems good.

  • Here we go.

  • Hammer should drop right about now.

  • That was spectacular.

  • Everything works.

  • There's nothing left.

  • Hey, a TV is still there.

  • That's good, because not arms.

  • Our grand finale was a huge success.

  • Buckboard wagon was completely obliterated, demonstrating that the legendary power and rending destruction of a nitro glycerin explosion no matter what the cause, was truly a terrifying and probably life ending event.

  • Dude, that was beautiful.

  • Come on in.

  • Looking at our high speed camera footage, you could literally see the shockwaves rippling out through the air.

  • This is the result of that nitro glycerin expanding at 17,000 miles per hour, displacing the air around the explosion's epicenter thing.

  • I never get used to this, how it's silent.

  • We're like two and 1/2 seconds before it comes in hits because light travels faster than sound.

in three, two, one roof over.

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