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  • (laughs)

  • Few years ago, I was really struggling life.

  • I felt like I had everything I needed

  • but I just wasn’t happy.

  • I felt that life was a treadmill.

  • I felt lost.

  • I didn’t really like enjoy being it.

  • And then, I went in sorrow night.

  • Until I had some friend who has a full advice with me.

  • She said, Hailey, the secret to happiness is reflection and gratitude.

  • She said take time every day and think through your day.

  • Seize with anything that you can be genuinely grateful for.

  • So I did 10 days. I did this little project; write down thing.

  • And very quickly, I realized that there was an amazing thing I wouldn’t miss if I hadn’t been doing this.

  • Being a photographer, I decided to do a photographic project called “365 grateful

  • and take a photo a day at something I was grateful for.

  • Every single day per year

  • And it changed my life in a way that I could never have expected.

  • The first thing I notice was my husband.

  • He’s a beautiful man and a great husband.

  • But he was just never very romantic

  • and I had kind of labelled him as that.

  • But then doing this project, I started to see things I otherwise would miss.

  • And there were some beautiful moments in things he was doing that I,

  • in the busyness of everyday, wouldn’t have even seen if I hadn’t been doing this 365 grateful project.

  • I took a photo one day of a piece of pie that he gave me.

  • We were sitting down for dinner and there were two pieces of pie left on the tray.

  • The first one was a little bit scanty and sliding a little.

  • And the other one had a great big crust with a corner piece and it was delicious and big!

  • And he without even thinking put the biggest and the best piece of pie on my plate.

  • And I was just astounded. I realized that every day,

  • he was choosing me and thinking me that made me see him for the first time.

  • And I was so grateful; at the end of this project, he actually said to me, “I feel like I’m enough for you now”.

  • And that was just incredibly beautiful for me.

  • Another thing I noticed was how connected I felt with nature.

  • I felt like there were beautiful beetles landing on my shirt,

  • and I see them and I think, “Wow! I’m honored youre here!”

  • These little beautiful bits of nature that I otherwise would have been rushing pass, “Ahh, youre cute”…

  • But doing this project pulled me right into the moment and seeing what was really good about my life.

  • And the beautiful things around me that every day were on display for me to see.

  • I felt like, “Wow! I should watch from where I’m stepping. I should honor the earth that I am on and be grateful to be here….

  • I’m so lucky to be alive and see this display every day.”

  • And that made me also connected to the universe,

  • in God or something bigger or more powerful than me.

  • Not only did this 365 grateful project helped me.

  • It spread through Flickr, Facebook, and magazines and blogs.

  • People are starting to do their own grateful projects.

  • And then their friends are doing their own grateful projects.

  • Very quickly, I started to get some amazing e-mails from people sharing their stories with their projects

  • and how it affected their lives.

  • If you’d like to be involved, to find out more information,

  • head over to our website at

  • Thanks!


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