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  • in September this year, 2000 and 12 there was quite an exciting piece of news about Element 113.

  • We've been a bit slow catching up with it, so please forgive us.

  • But the important thing is the element of 113 has bean synthesized, in fact, for the third time, and therefore people there now reasonably confident that it has been made.

  • Like mostly elements in this part of the periodic table, the experiment involves accelerating a light element, the nucleus of a light element at very high speeds but 10th of speed of light and crashing it into a target of a heavier element.

  • In this case, it was zinc, which has atomic number 30 and bismuth that has atomic number 83 30 plus 83 makes 113.

  • So you imagine that there are hundreds of these millions and millions of these hitting the targets, and every so often one of them goes inside.

  • You can see it's quite hard to receive.

  • So did you get a joint?

  • Nucleus doesn't make that noise when it happens?

  • No, I don't think so.

  • And then you know what?

  • My dog's gonna go crazy when I so we now have a nucleus of 113.

  • The nucleus is quite unstable, so short time afterwards, out from the other side will come some sort of particle, probably a nucleus of helium atom, an alpha particle, and it decays to a whole chain of other atoms.

  • Now, from my point of view, the thing that's really exciting is that this element Waas made this experiment that's just been published was done in Japan.

  • I have here a Japanese periodic table.

  • It's no different from the other periodic table, and down here we have Element 113.

  • There is a Japanese flag.

  • What's exciting for me is that it's a wonderful demonstration about how science is now being done all over the world.

  • This is the first element, at least in modern times, that has been discovered in Asia.

  • I'm quite excited because there aren't any elements with the symbol contains the letter J, though in some early periodic tables in German, they put Ia Dean with a J because the German word for Iron Dean yours begins with a J.

  • So I'm quite excited that perhaps we might have an element with a symbol J.

  • P.

  • Or something like that, which would be a real first.

  • The day after the paper was published, I was at a reception in London where the Japanese ambassador to the U.

  • K.

  • With one of the guests and I was introduced to him, and I began by congratulating him on the synthesis of Element 113 he looked a bit surprised.

  • I think it's first time anybody had ever congratulated him about anything chemical, but then he got really quite excited.

  • Courtesy needs engine Union local.

  • That's more exciting.

  • Musically, master.

  • So they were getting younger here, could use on again.

  • It's only country happier this stuff so they could have.

in September this year, 2000 and 12 there was quite an exciting piece of news about Element 113.

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Japanese discovery of element 113 - Periodic Table of Videos

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