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Thanks so much for picking me up.
No problem. Hey, on the way home, we can stop by my new house and see what it looks like on a Tuesday.
Ok great. I just gotta pick up my books. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere
No problem, I'll be right here
nice to see you again Maria -Hello Mrs. Lafferty
Welcome. What is your name?
-Ahh I'm Joey -Joey, you have a wonderful accent.
Thank you
Joey, this is an English as a Second Language class for beginners.
-Are you sure you're in the right place? -Oh, I'm in the right place.
Let's get started. I hope that everybody practiced counting to 10 over the weekend.
- Yes. - Great, let's do it together.
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Eleven, Twelve
Very good, Boris.
-Somebody's gonna get a gold star. -Thanks, thanks.
Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen
Bill and Mary go to
sh... Sk... -School, Renata. They go to school.
Okay, Joey, why don't you pick it up where Renata left off?
Now, this is a hard part, so take your time.
Oh, boy. Yeah, this is... This looks tough.
The bell rang and the students all went to the auditorium with their teacher. Boom.
That's right, Boris, you heard it. Auditorium.
I am so lucky to be with the smartest boy in class.
Some words are so tug.
Tug? Oh, remember, I told you that the GH sometimes sounds like an F.
It's tough. Like rough or laugh.
Oh, Joey. Make love to me tonift.
That is good English.
Okay. I'd like everyone to take out their homework on the subjunctive tense.
- You didn't do it? - I got it.
If the present tense of the verb to be is I am...
...then the subjunctive tense is, "If I... "
- Joey? - If I was.
Oh, I'm sorry, that's not correct.
It's, "if I were. "
Very good, Boris.
Joey are stupid.
Joey is stupid, Renata.
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Joey and the ESL (English as a Second Language) class {Subs}

265253 Folder Collection
Susy published on March 19, 2014    Steven translated    林曉玉 reviewed
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