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  • this report chronicles a scheme by the president of states to coerce an ally.

  • Basically, we got is something that's actually not all that unexpected but is very clear in a 300 word page document in black and white here that the House is moving to impeach Donald Trump on basically two counts.

  • One is abuse of office.

  • This is again.

  • There's a charge of abuse against Richard Nixon.

  • We always knew this was gonna be the one.

  • The second thing we were also expecting again, a little bit.

  • Uh, something that's happened more recently is obstruction.

  • Basically, the Trump administration and the White House itself, and Donald Trump personally has said no one who works for him should cooperate with the House impeachment proceedings.

  • It is what the House argues a its own prerogative, its constitution haraga to investigate impeachment.

  • It would be hard to imagine a stronger arm or complete case of obstruction than demonstrate by the president.

  • Since the inquiry began rights to the House Intelligence Committee.

  • I think what we have produced ah in in remarkable short order is so overwhelming that it ought to be presented to the Judiciary Committee now, without any further delay in the Constitution.

  • The House Judiciary Committee is the one responsible for issuing articles of impeachment, and we expect that before the Christmas break we will have articles and patients reported the floor of the House and voted probably on a party line vote to go to the Senate.

  • So this is a huge moment in the impeachment, but he's still just a moment in that our focus is on the president's conduct.

  • First and foremost, it may be the role of others to evaluate the conduct of members of Congress.

  • Thank you very much.

  • This is a document, a 300 page document that tries to tell a narrative and tell a story much like the Miller report, that your average American could read and understand it again.

  • It's very clear language they use.

  • It's a told like, almost like a novel in terms of the way they try to tell the story.

  • And it's a political document.

  • As much is a legal document to try to convince your average voter that what they're doing is not some sort of hoax of the trade president claims or some sort of witch hunt of the president claims, but is a true narrative of abuse of power by the president.

  • United States to pressure a foreign government to get involved in domestic U.

  • S.

  • Politics for his own personal gain, and that is the real purpose of this 200 page document.

this report chronicles a scheme by the president of states to coerce an ally.

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