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  • Hi, everyone.

  • I just wanted to post a really quick video here on the main number five channel about something new I'm doing that might be of interest.

  • And that is a number file podcast.

  • Obviously I travel all over the place, meeting mathematicians and numbering people, making sure videos.

  • But also in recent years I've started making a couple of podcasts, and it got me thinking it seems crazy that I'm traveling around and meeting all these people have got so much to say and just making these short videos, I could make a podcast with them as well.

  • So that's what I'm doing.

  • The 1st 3 episodes up already.

  • The interviews with Hannah Fry, which is the one that's just gone up today.

  • Although it was a matter of note, what I really wanted to do was be a hairdresser, and my mom was like, OK, what would you do?

  • You just do your A levels and then we'll talk about this again.

  • So I did mass physics and chemistry a levels and then after I did, my A levels are so you know, I still would quite like to a hairdressing course.

  • My mom was like tell you what?

  • Just go off to university and do an undergraduate degree and master theoretical physics.

  • And then after that, they were talking about and then, yeah, by the time I finish my feet, actually, I was like, Probably not gonna be a hairdresser.

  • Grant Sanderson from Three Blue one Brown.

  • That's a really good listen.

  • I don't think it would be good if everyone wanted to be a mathematician, because the cold hard truth is, it's not.

  • It's not useful enough like pure math in and of itself isn't useful enough for too many people to be doing it.

  • We're gonna make that statement.

  • I don't know if I stand by it, but I think I d'oh and Ken River, a man who played a major role in the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

  • When Andrew first heard about the flaw in July of 1993 I guess he didn't believe that it was all that serious.

  • He thought it would just needed patching up.

  • So he must have been aware that I was out there, you know, beating his drum.

  • But he never told me.

  • So it took months before I found out how serious the problem was.

  • Now you can listen to the number five podcast in the usual podcast ways.

  • It should be on most of the players if you go and get your phone.

  • Or however you listen to podcasts, do the usual search.

  • You probably know what you're doing by now.

  • I'll also include some links in the description, but I know some of you aren't to red hot on using podcast players just yet, So I'm also putting the episodes on the number file to YouTube channel.

  • Do you know about the number filed to YouTube channel?

  • That's where I put extra stuff from number file.

  • Main videos Out takes bonus material, and also now it's the home of the number five podcast.

  • So if you don't wanna listen to it on your phone or in headphones, you could just play on a tab on your computer and have it running in the background.

  • More details down in the video description Number five podcast.

  • Check it out.

Hi, everyone.

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Introducing the Numberphile Podcast

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